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Puss in Boots: The Last Wish | Transcript

​vacuum.​wish.​(yells)​find them before ​, ​experiencing a leadership ​I need this ​right.​The bears! We have to ​websites: ​they might be ​time?​

​Oh, that is just ​Uh, nothing.​

​Information obtained from ​

​I suspect that ​

​me this whole ​(grunts)​What name?​her existence.​factory?​That you've been playing ​

​Aah! Too cold! Brain freeze.​that name?​her world and ​Oh! Remember that pie ​

​Don't understand what?​Aah! Too hot!​

​(grunts) Who told you ​her to question ​next job?​Kitty, you don't understand.​Huh? Wha…​worse pickles.​crisis that leads ​ideas for our ​again.​

​Shall we dance? I'll lead.​

​We've been in ​

​Barbie suffers a ​

​Hey, Baby, you got any ​

​fell for it ​PUSS: Uh-oh.​


​terrifying supernatural forces.​Bears.​

​I can't believe I ​


​We'll get it ​

​far and unleashes ​Goldi.​

​see tonight, I wish…”​

​Sorry. Sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry!​I messed up.​

​them goes too ​Softpaws, Boots.​“Star light, star bright, first star I ​

​(muffled yelling)​


​thrill, until one of ​

​orphan lottery.​boy am I.​

​Hold on! I'm coming, Team… (screams)​

​Kitty. I lost the ​on the new ​I won the ​

​(chuckling): Oh, what a good ​

​Hold still.​


​embalmed hand, they become hooked ​


​Come on, boys.​

​Get off me, you big lump.​What happened back ​

​spirits using an ​

​Well, what can I ​that wish.​

​I'll get it. I'll get it.​Oh, there you are.​

​how to conjure ​

​old block, you are.​make you happy, we'll get you ​

​We're coming, Gol… (groans)​

​Puss! Dog!​

​of friends discover ​chip off the ​

​something that will ​

​(yelps, grunts)​feel better, too.​

​When a group ​Hey, Goldi, you are a ​

​or not, if this is ​

​(all grunting)​

​Might make her ​bomb.​and hibernate?​

​think we're your family ​(gasps) Oh, no.​

​feel better.​of the atomic ​all go home ​

​And whether you ​Oh, no, you don't. (yells)​Might make you ​

​in the development ​

​Now, what say we ​last.​

​What the dickens?​Kitty.​

​American scientist, J. Robert Oppenheimer, and his role ​


​too good to ​

​BABY: My honey!​

​tell that to ​

​The story of ​


​afraid it was ​

​Our cabin!​

​So, maybe you should ​

​and get out.​

​Oh, now you've made me ​

​I was always ​



​if they stop ​




​I regret that ​car will explode ​

​Everything… is just right.​bear.​

​to say.​

​so badly.​school that his ​my wish.​

​I'm not a ​the map has ​

​I hadn't hurt her ​his children to ​

​I did get ​would actually stay.​Really? Let's see what ​

​I just wish ​threat while driving ​

​But I did, Mama.​

​You didn't think I ​Nowhere to go, Softpaws.​

​I am ashamed.​receives a bomb ​

​wish, Goldi, love.​

​Come on.​

​It's all… yours!​It was wrong. I know.​

​A bank executive ​didn't get your ​

​porridge is gone, eh, Goldi?​Okay, okay, okay.​at the altar?​my ai now​

​I'm sorry you ​around until the ​

​(Goldi grunts)​

​You left her ​

​Thanks, I can trqain ​

​I eat otherwise?​

​people just stick ​


​(gasps) Oh!​


​Whose porridge would ​

​Well, I guess some ​

​Oh, you're dead cat ​

​Oh. Oh.​

​Thanks for the ​

​blubbery about it.​

​of us?​No, no crime-backs.​

​then, too.​


​Oi, don't get so ​

​Your “just right” is getting rid ​

​crimed you?​I ran away ​PUSS: Oh, you're still here?​

​And then… (sobbing)​

​be just right.​

​when we just ​

​Everything but me.​

​(song ends)​scared.​

​Then everything will ​Oi! You criming us ​

​(bell tolls)​

​♪ Inútil es. ♪​

​And I-I was really ​

​A proper family.​

​Hola.​And Kitty.​

​ti, mi amor? ♪​(shushing)​

​family! That's what.​

​Somebody took it.​and guests.​

​♪ ¿Cómo vivir sin ​


​I'm getting a ​missing.​

​church, with a priest ​mi ser ♪​

​to save your ​

​haunted forest?​

​The map is ​

​It was a ​

​♪ Mi complice, la luz de ​

​wish 'cause you wanted ​

​stranded in this ​

​hear her?​

​Santa Coloma wasn't a heist, Perrito.​

​tú ♪​

​make the wish, but you didn't make the ​

​important that you've got us ​

​Oi! Did you not ​

​bad heist.​

​♪ Mi vida eres ​

​You was gonna ​

​What's your “just right”? What's so blasted ​

​bother about?​

​But that's just one ​

​vas? ♪​

​life, sis.​

​So, what is it, eh?​

​What's all this? What's all this ​Coloma.​

​♪ ¿Por qué te ​

​BABY (crying): You saved my ​

​Leave off, Baby.​map.​

​Not after Santa ​

​sin miedo ♪​

​could wish for.​

​promised us.​

​Someone's nicked the ​

​trust me again.​

​♪ Si vivimos tanto ​

​all that I ​isn't what you ​

​Wake up.​

​PUSS: Kitty will never ​

​vas? ♪​

​with you is ​

​think this wish ​



​♪ ¿Por qué te ​

​Kitty, one life spent ​

​I'm starting to ​(gasps) It's gone!​idiota y su ​

​al cielo ♪​

​make a wish?​



​¿Adónde fueron ese ​

​♪ Si viajamos juntos ​

​say it, but should we ​


​(chuckles, yelps)​

​(groans)​vas? ♪​

​I hate to ​

​your nose, and apparently, you can't even use ​(grunts)​

​Okay.​♪ ¿Por qué te ​

​MAMA: Gorgeous.​

​mildly useful is ​(snoring)​of this.​delirio ♪​aahing)​

​that makes you ​

​Share the wish.​She cannot hear ​

​♪ Tú eres mi ​(all oohing and ​The one thing ​share the wish.​

​No, no, no, no.​

​así ♪​


​one job.​

​your cards right, maybe we could ​

​She would understa…​♪ No me abandones ​


​You only have ​

​Well, I've been thinking, if you play ​Kitty.​por ti ♪​

​I mean, what specifically…?​


​“Our wish”?​You should tell ​

​♪ Mis lagrimas son ​


​I've lost the ​

​our wish back?​my lives back.​

​vas? ♪​

​do to deserve ​do?​Ready to get ​wish to get ​

​♪ ¿Por qué te ​

​(yelps) What did I ​

​want me to ​(snoring)​

​I need that ​

​♪ Una quimera, nuestra historia ♪​

​What?​What do you ​

​(Kitty chuckling)​to spare, I am nothing.​

​vas? ♪​

​(squawks)​Oh, not again.​

​Take it easy.​But without lives ​

​♪ ¿Por qué te ​resignation, mister.​same rock, Baby.​


​A legend.​

​♪​Consider this my ​time we've passed that ​

​Go get 'em, tiger.​


​color de rosa ​

​something?​GOLDI: That's the third ​I'll workshop it, okay?​

​be a fearless ​

​♪ Si era todo ​

​(stammering): You looking for ​♪ ♪​

​name, you know.​

​I-I'm supposed to ​vas? ♪​


​♪ ♪​

​Well, just a placeholder ​

​in Boots.​♪ ¿Por qué te ​(laughing)​Wh-Where's he going?​

​Yeah, do better. Try harder.​

​No, not for Puss ​♪ Inútil es ♪​It's mine.​

​Puss! Puss, we're here!​

​agree to this.​

​be afraid.​ti, mi amor? ♪​

​(grunts)​WOLF: Run.​

​I did not ​

​Well, it's okay to ​♪ ¿Cómo vivir sin ​



​Team Friendship?​

​And, uh, I… I am afraid.​

​mi ser ♪​MAMA: Go, go, go!​Hey, Puss.​

​Go, Team Friendship!​life.​♪ Mi complice, la luz de ​

​The map. My wish.​

​Run.​Ready?​to my last ​

​tú ♪​

​done? No!​

​(laughing continues)​

​Hands in, crew.​I am down ​♪ Mi vida eres ​

​What have you ​Run.​

​eyeballed and covered.​I…​

​vas? ♪​

​Hey!​(screams)​On your six. Got your rears ​

​with you, Puss?​♪ ¿Por qué te ​Ow! (yelling in pain)​

​(growls)​Yeah. Yeah.​What's going on ​sin miedo ♪​

​BOTH: Spanish Splinter!​(laughing continues)​Uh, uh, guard our rear.​

​Thank you, Perrito.​

​♪ Si vivimos tanto ​(all groan)​


​and, uh…​(sighs)​vas? ♪​

​(yells)​(panting)​to stay here ​(taking slow, deep breaths)​

​♪ ¿Por qué te ​Team what?​

​♪ ♪​

​ We need you ​♪ ♪​

​al cielo ♪​(grunts)​

​fun for me. (growls)​

​easy, Perrito.​

​slowing down)​

​♪ Si viajamos juntos ​for Team Friendship.​

​Makes it more ​

​Oh, you take it ​(heartbeat and panting ​vas? ♪​

​buying some time ​Go ahead, run for it.​

​take?​(muffled): What's wrong?​

​♪ ¿Por qué te ​I was just ​(gasps)​

​What do I ​Puss.​



​Make the wish!​chimney.​(heart thumping rapidly)​

​♪ No se concebirlo ​bleeding.​Run, Puss in Boots!​

​window, I'll take the ​

​(panting)​ti? ♪​

​By the way, your nose is ​

​Shh. Don't tell.​

​Okay, you take the ​

​(gasps) Puss!​♪ ¿Cómo seguire sin ​

​I'm dead inside?​

​That's cheating!​


​Puss? Puss?​de mí ♪​

​Don't you know ​now?​

​You're not chatty, are you?​


​♪ Si eres parte ​on me.​

​this last one ​(sighs)​(panting)​

​vas? ♪​that would work ​favor and take ​


​(groans) Puss, where are you?​

​♪ ¿Por qué te ​how you think ​us both a ​

​so long, idiot?​

​de baño!​tan perfecto ♪​It's so cute…​

​So, why don't I do ​Oh, oh. What took you ​

​a todos alfombras ​♪ Cuando todo era ​(continues straining)​of them.​


​!Los voy hacer ​vas? ♪​

​of vulnerability.​

​And you didn't value any ​

​You're an irredeemable ​

​So long, you plonkers!​♪ ¿Por qué te ​

​They're such pools ​

​nine lives absurd.​

​You're horrible!​


​recuerdos ♪​

​(straining): Pretty please…​very idea of ​horrible.​


​♪ Si tejimos tantos ​


​I find the ​

​Your wish is ​

​Three Bears Crime ​

​vas? ♪​

​a hernia or ​

​cat person.​That was horrible.​crimed by the ​

​♪ ¿Por qué te ​

​Seriously, are you having ​

​(inhales sharply) I'm not a ​

​Oh. Oh!​Oi! You've just been ​


​(straining): Please…​

​(chuckles) You know…​



​Vas” by Gaby Moreno ​


​But I'm still alive.​

​a dozen men.​

​No, no, no!​

​(“Por Qué Te ​

​Wh-What are you ​

​you, Puss in Boots.​

​pie without losing ​


​(song ends)​

​(straining): Please?​And I've come for ​

​Can't bake a ​(gasps)​

​(clears throat)​wish. Please?​

​I'm Death, straight up.​they say.​

​map, Softpaws.​

​(whooping, laughing)​Please don't make that ​

​way.​Well, you know what ​

​Thanks for the ​(vocalizing)​

​PERRITO: Señor Horner!​

​any other fancy ​Goose, Jack!​


​favorite fearless hero? ♪​

​wish…” Huh?​

​theoretically or in ​Sweet Mother of ​Perro.​♪ Who is your ​

​might have this ​or poetically or ​Help!​

​Puss, wait!​

​(vocalizing)​may, I wish I ​metaphorically or rhetorically ​


​“I wish I ​

​And I don't mean it ​

​(yelling, groaning)​

​(heart thumping rapidly)​

​♪ Puss in Boots ​

​PUSS: Perrito!​


​(horses neighing)​(wolf whistling)​


​You are…​All right, bring it over.​

​(muffled thudding)​♪​

​see tonight…”​

​bounty hunter.​

​Agree to disagree.​

​(high-pitched ringing)​

​♪ Puss in Boots ​

​“Star light, star bright, first star I ​

​You are no ​

​Yes!​Oh, no.​(laughs, whoops)​

​It's mine.​



​JACK HORNER: My bad.​

​Puss in Boots!​

​The last wish.​

​But you're not laughing ​Is that so ​

​I got him, Mr. Horner!​favorite fearless hero? ♪​Gotcha.​

​of death, right?​else gets any.​(sneezes)​

​♪ Who is your ​

​(both scream, grunt)​

​in the face ​

​And no one ​

​Ah, the sight's off.​(vocalizing)​

​Thank you.​in Boots laughs ​

​For me.​

​(noisemaker blares)​♪​grew, too. Cool.​

​me because Puss ​(laughing maniacally)​Ah, you shot me.​

​♪ Puss in Boots ​out naked, but my clothes ​

​But you didn't even notice ​


​No! Not cool.​(vocalizing)​

​I would come ​

​Each frivolous end.​

​magic in the ​

​do. Cool.​

​♪​for a second ​

​of them.​All of the ​

​So that's what they ​

​♪ Puss in Boots ​

​I was worried ​to witness all ​

​Oh, well, what's that?​


​♪ Fearless hero? ♪​

​Holy frijoles.​

​(echoing): I was there ​me happy.​

​(spits) What?​

​favorite ♪​


​to call them.​that will make ​

​(noisemaker blares)​

​♪ Who is your ​

​(Jack Horner laughing ​

​deaths, as I like ​the one thing ​(gasps)​

​favorite fearless hero? ♪​(both gasp)​(chuckling): Or your past ​

​get my wish, I'll finally have ​


​♪ Who is your ​

​JACK HORNER: Ah, magic snacks.​

​your past lives.​

​But once I ​

​(yelling, grunting)​

​♪ Fearless hero? ♪​

​(Jack Horner belches)​

​the party with ​


​favorite ♪​

​(Jack Horner grunting)​

​Sorry to crash ​

​Useless crap like ​(screaming)​

​♪ Who is your ​


​(hiccups) It is?​me to inherit.​

​(growls)​favorite fearless hero? ♪​

​No magic required.​

​(sniffs) It's intoxicating.​

​goods enterprise for ​


​♪ Who is your ​

​I wished for.​fear.​

​a thriving baked ​(gasps)​♪ You are, you are ♪​

​I've got what ​the smell of ​

​a mansion and ​

​(grunts fiercely)​


​I don't need it.​

​I do love ​

​and stability and ​

​(laughs)​is never afraid ​

​you can trust.​


​Just loving parents ​

​(distorted grunting)​♪ Puss in Boots ​

​You deserve someone ​Fear.​



​♪ You are, you are ♪​

​yours.​of…​much as a ​

​Oh, come on!​

​blade? ♪​

​The wish is ​

​live a life ​You know, I never had ​


​touched by a ​


​Without us, you will always ​


​the wish! (yells)​♪ Who's never been ​

Wish Mens Running Shoes

​were just being ​us?​your childhood.​

​the dog gets ​♪ You are, you are ♪​

​you, I thought you ​are better than ​

​T-Tell me about ​

​First one to ​♪ Who's unbelievably humble? ♪​

​Death was after ​

​Oh, you think you ​

​little deeper.​

​plan.​♪ You are, you are ♪​

​KITTY: You know, when you said ​own way out. Adios.​

​to dig a ​I've got a ​trouble? ♪​

​(chuckles)​I'll find my ​You know, Jack, maybe we need ​(gulps)​♪ Who's ready for ​

​(yipping, panting)​

​conflicting for me.​all people.​(all yelling)​Bravo! (laughs)​


​Which is very ​

​all people. There's good in ​

​(Goldi yelling)​

​song.​Sí. Hasta la muerte.​

​jerks.​There's good in ​

​Let's get him!​

​I love that ​will meet again, right?​You know what? You guys are ​

​solid surface.​

​has the map!​


​You know we ​

​litter box, Pickles?​Flex the glutes. I need a ​

​Puss in Boots ​

​Puss in Boots!​

​Live it well.​

​Where is your ​(screaming, groaning)​

​Come here!​


​Live your life, Puss in Boots.​



​♪ Puss in Boots ​♪ ♪​So lame.​

​I mean, I love these ​men at me!​♪ Puss in Boots? ♪​

​(gasps softly)​is Pickles.​

​What? No.​Stop throwing my ​♪​


​Didn't you hear? His new name ​


​(yells, grunts)​

​♪ Puss in Boots ​

​(sighs) But I don't see him ​(laughter)​

​value of a ​the map, Little Bo Creep.​

​♪ To all, a legend ♪​immortal.​

​Ah, no, no, no, no.​think you don't appreciate the ​

​I don't even have ​

​people ♪​

​thought he was ​


​You know, I'm starting to ​

​BABY: Yeah!​

​♪ Fighting for the ​

​little legend who ​

​him Wuss in ​

​all at once?​


​♪ To more, a hero ♪​

​for an arrogant ​

​We should call ​

​just kill everybody ​baker man gets ​

​of justice ♪​

​I came here ​scaredy-cat.​

​kill them, or do I ​map, or else the ​♪ He's the blade ​for me.​

​You've become a ​map and then ​

​Give us the ​

​Puss in Boots!​(groans) You're ruining this ​(laughs) Some hero.​

​to steal the ​

​What the…​

​(laughs, whoops)​

​con mi comida?​a sword.​for the cats ​


​Puss in Boots!​

​fui a jugar ​And he doesn't even have ​

​Do I wait ​

​Yeah, in the face. Why?​♪​

​¿Por qué diablos ​

​now.​think, bug?​

​shoot a puppy, are you, Jack?​♪ Puss in Boots ​

​(yells in frustration)​with a dog ​

​What do you ​Y-Y-You're not gonna ​


​(growls viciously)​I hear he's best friends ​

​Look.​(Puss gasps)​

​♪​(growls)​Yeah, you changed, man.​

​KITTY: Puss!​


​♪ Puss in Boots ​for this life.​got small.​


​really does.​

​♪ Fearless hero? ♪​never stop fighting ​

​It's you that ​a thumbs-up, just so you ​the unicorn horn ​favorite ♪​

​you, lobo, but I will ​

​Oh, the legend's still big, gato.​

​I'm giving you ​

​or we'll see what ​

​♪ Who is your ​can never defeat ​

​for anyone else?​



​favorite fearless hero? ♪​

​(sighs) I know I ​

​was no room ​

​Everything okay up ​

​Now, make with the ​

​♪ Who is your ​

​Pick it up.​

​so big there ​that guy anymore.​magic nanny bag.​

​♪ You are, you are ♪​(gasps)​Was the legend ​

​But you don't seem like ​

​It is a ​his life? ♪​(grunts)​

​walks alone.​


​granny bag.​

​♪ And gambles with ​Come on!​

​Yeah, Puss in Boots ​

​up for that ​It's not a ​

​♪ You are, you are ♪​(grunting fiercely)​walks alone.​I wasn't gonna show ​

​Nice granny bag, Little Jack.​dice? ♪​

​my gatito blade.​

​Puss in Boots ​


​a treat?​

​who rolls the ​Say hello to ​

​(jovial chatter, cheering)​

​The legend.​Would you like ​

​♪ Who's the gato ​

​(wolf grunts)​

​Party to party.​Yourself.​him.​♪ You are, you are ♪​

​(gasps)​(crowd chanting “Puss in Boots!”)​


​Oh, I don't know. I might keep ​

​unbelievably humble? ♪​that.​again, town to town.​

​true love.​

​Let him go.​♪ Who is so ​to stop losing ​

​Become the legend ​

​with your one ​The Baker's Dozen.​Uh-huh!​You really got ​back.​

​could never compete ​fiercely)​♪ You are, you are ♪​

​(wolf clicking tongue)​

​Yeah, get those lives ​Well, I knew I ​

​(Baker's Dozen grunting ​

​ready for trouble? ♪​Muy bien.​

​map. You don't need them.​mean, you didn't show up?​(horses neighing)​♪ Who's brave and ​


​You got the ​What do you ​


​To all, a legend.​

​(straining)​get the wish.​

​Wait, what?​wish!​To more, a hero.​

​(Puss grunting)​were going to ​

​I didn't show up, either.​

​JACK HORNER: You mean my ​

​(laughs, whoops)​


​Whoa! I thought you ​Puss! It's okay.​wish.​Puss in Boots!​(snarls)​

​Dog and Kitty.​In your beautiful, poofy wedding dress.​

​You mean my ​

​(“Fearless Hero” playing)​

​be fun.​

​get back to ​Puss.​


​(chuckles) This is gonna ​I've got to ​

​the altar.​to get my ​

​PUSS: Welcome to my ​

​Fear me, if you dare.​of here?​

​You alone at ​

​his easy path ​(song ends)​

​I'm done running.​

​to get out ​

​It's okay.​

​No, I just need ​♪ Y su deseo. ♪​

​Just one.​tell me how ​

​No, no. It was cowardly.​

​name him.​

​estrella ♪​No.​

​Yeah, but could you ​It's okay.​

​(singsongy): I think you're ready to ​♪ Es como la ​

​your eyes?​fun, huh?​

​mistake, Kitty.​

​No. No, I don't.​♪​Lives flashing before ​

​This has been ​

​It was a ​

​like him.​

​♪ Mañana no sabemos ​WOLF: What's the matter?​

​(chuckling): No, no, sorry, fellas.​So I ran.​(singsongy): I think you ​


​♪ ♪​

​One more number.​

​ever felt fear.​

​crazy dog go?​

​♪ Que hoy estoy ​Go on, pick it up.​

​(cheering, laughter)​

​first time I ​

​Where did that ​mis viejo' ♪​

​Pick it up.​Bravo!​Coloma, that was the ​

​Perro. (whistles)​

​que me dan ​gonna fight?​♪ Da-da-da-dun. ♪​

​church in Santa ​doing?​♪ Solo el amor ​Or are you ​

​never die… ♪​

​But outside that ​Perro, what are you ​

​que falte na' me llevo ♪​

​more lives?​

​♪ The legend will ​

​to be afraid.​


​♪ Porque el día ​Run away to ​

​Ow! Not the bees!​is not supposed ​(yelps)​

​♪ Hula, hula, hula, eh ♪​the coward's way out?​

​No, Baby, wait!​

​Puss in Boots ​

​Vaya con Dios, stick sword.​♪ Hula, hula ♪​

​You gonna take ​crime-backs.​

​About that day.​



​end now, you and I.​

​No! We said no ​(sighs)​Better than a ​es una locura ​

​we've reached the ​PAPA: Huh? Where'd he go?​


​Thank you.​♪ Que la vida ​chase, gato, but I think ​


​my gatito blade.​♪ Tu cintura ♪​I've enjoyed the ​

​Let's keep him. (gasps)​had cold feet.​Here. You can have ​


​(grunts) Puss!​

​jib as well.​Only, that time, I believe you ​


​♪ Quiero que muevas ​me.​

​I like his ​my hand.​

​You had it ​♪ Hula, hula, hula, eh ♪​

​He's here for ​

​orphan lottery.​I offered you ​Ah, yes. Santa Coloma.​♪ Hula, hula ♪​

​Who's that?​orphan to another, Goldi, you won the ​the last time ​

​…Santa Coloma.​♪​

​(whistling continues)​

​Speaking from one ​


​es una locura ​

​What is that?​

​like this. (sighs)​

​Oh, I was just ​

​haven't seen since…​♪ Que la vida ​Huh?​

​had a family ​a chance.​The face I ​

​tu cintura ♪​(gasps)​

​Oh, I wish I ​

​whenever you get ​face I remember.​

​♪ Quiero que muevas ​

​(wolf whistling)​Razzin' and ribbin' and barbin' and poopin' and snootin'.​

​pull me up ​Ah, there's that handsome ​

​♪ Oh-oh-oh ♪​

​is enough.​Ah, this is great.​

​Uh, just, uh, feel free to ​

​KITTY: Shh. Quieto.​

​muerte ♪​

​Maybe one life ​




​una, lo dice la ​it pretty special.​

​cut of his ​to do is ​

​Nothing should be ​

​♪ La vida es ​Kitty has made ​(laughs) I like the ​

​hand, all you had ​What? What? What's funny?​siente ♪​

​with you and ​bunch of knuckle-dragging, honey-scrounging, grub (bleep), oafish (bleep), (bleep) munching, mangy (bleep) nugget, (bleep), and your snooter! (laughs)​

​to hold my ​


​♪ Sí estamos bien, que bonito se ​

​had one life, but sharing it ​

​You're all a ​

​If you wanted ​of the blade. Right, Perrito?​suerte ♪​

​You know, I've only ever ​

​Okay! Okay, here we go.​(panting)​

​I'm a master ​

​me cambia la ​Thank you, Perrito.​

​mix now.​

​(screams, grunts)​Hey!​♪ Que tú presencia ​

​those lives…​

​(gasps) I'm in the ​(chuckling): So good.​

​I'm doing.​

​pa' tanto ♪​think you need ​snooter!​Sí, I am good.​

​I know what ​

​♪ Si no es ​

​this, but if you ​

​from pooper to ​

​You okay?​


​eso ♪​

​to do with ​

​Oi! You shut up, you little mutt, or I'll cut you ​

​Not yet, Perrito… (yells)​

​go with the ​

​♪ Pa' que pelamos por ​

​ Yeah, I don't know what ​

​(laughing): Dingleberries!​

​anything up there?​

​You got to ​rato ♪​(yaps)​

​'em.​How's it going? Can you see ​grain.​

​cosa de un ​

​it!​No, you do. You do have ​

​just right.​Go with the ​mí no es ​

​Oh, I shouldn't have telegraphed ​

​I haven't got dingleberries.​our world became ​

​Hey, slow down. Oh!​

​♪ El amor para ​(grunts)​

​Boom!​The day when ​

​Ow! (grunts)​

​♪ Hula, hula, hula, eh ♪​bury the hatchet!​

​You're a daft, fat, slow-thinking, no-reading, Lyme-diseased, flea-ridden dingleberry bear.​

​(yelps, whimpers)​(grunts)​

​♪ Hula, hula ♪​Okay, you know, maybe it's time to ​Wait for it.​our hearts.​

​beg.​♪​(grunts) Okay.​

​what you are?​

​cabin and stole ​I won't make you ​

​es una locura ​(yells)​from you, Baby, 'cause you know ​

​broke into our ​

​Okay, okay, possum face.​

​♪ Que la vida ​


​Well, that's rich coming ​little orphan girl ​


​tu cintura ♪​


​Oh!​The day a ​

​And died of ​

​♪ Quiero que muevas ​

​Die! Blow up already.​

​a low-rent Cinderella.​

​What was it, Mama?​


​♪ Hula, hula, hula, eh ♪​

​like these apples?​

​You're nothing but ​

​Oh, this was it.​

​my face.​

​♪ Hula, hula ♪​

​Hey, Softpaws, how do you ​

​She got you.​

​Just right.​possum crawled on ​


​(frustrated groan)​

​you are.​(grunting)​And it's like a ​es una locura ​

​(Kitty yells)​

​a bear than ​

​Too soft.​And?​

​♪ Que la vida ​


​(laughs) I'm more of ​

Wish Mens Running Shoes


​tu cintura ♪​



​(grunts) Whoop!​

​The beard is ​

​♪ Quiero que muevas ​PUSS: No!​

​a bear.​Too hard.​

​Sí, help. You were right.​deseo ♪​


​You're not even ​(grunts)​

​asking for help?​

​estrella y su ​



​Puss in Boots ​

​♪ Es como la ​Yes! Yes!​

​a porridge-stealing orphan like ​(gasps)​

​Hold on. Is the great ​


​you, Baby, you're the smash, I'm the grab.​

​I listen to ​

​a tune)​


​♪ Que hoy estoy, mañana no sabemos ​

​Like I told ​

​And why would ​

​(young Goldi humming ​

​fever on my ​

​mis viejo' ♪​(screaming)​

​(laughing): “Muppet.”​for hours.​

​It's like a ​

​que me dan ​

​I'm slipping… (screams)​

​yourself, you muppet.​

​stare at it ​


​♪ Solo el amor ​

​Mama, I'm slipping!​You'll just hurt ​

​You used to ​

​thing off of ​que falte na' me llevo ♪​

​I can't stop it!​

​In fact, stop thinking, period.​favorite book.​

​Kitty, please, get this itchy ​

​♪ Porque el día ​Hang on, son!​

​your belly, Baby.​

​Aw. That was your ​

​Uh, well, you see, uh… (chuckles, sobs)​

​♪ Hula, hula, hula, eh ♪​

​Help! No, no, no!​Stop thinking about ​


​The beard… keep it.​

​♪ Hula, hula ♪​Help me!​

​with my teeth.​This isn't real. None of this ​Wait, what?​

​♪​BABY: Something's happening!​to pet him ​

​playing tricks.​to it.​

​es una locura ​

​MAMA: Hold on!​I do not. I just want ​It's the forest ​

​I've gotten used ​

​♪ Que la vida ​Help!​‘im.​

​It's an obstacle.​convinced to…​

​tu cintura ♪​

​Got you.​

​want to eat ​

​wish granted.​make you happy, I could be ​

​♪ Quiero que muevas ​Son, I'm coming!​

​that because you ​Just stop. It's not our ​

​So, if it will ​♪ Oh-oh-oh ♪​

​BABY: Papa!​You're just saying ​

​have been granted.​

​at, uh, the face.​muerte ♪​I got you!​

​pup.​Maybe our wishes ​a good look ​

​una, lo dice la ​Mama, help!​

​this daft little ​Stop it, all of you.​

​deprive the world ​

​♪ La vida es ​Baby!​

​their lives for ​

​you make it, she doesn't like it.​

​but it does ​

​siente ♪​(whimpering): No, no, no…​Oh, them cats ain't gonna risk ​

​No matter how ​

​distinguished, yes,​

​♪ Sí estamos bien, que bonito se ​

​(Jack Horner laughing)​

​it.​like it.​It is very ​

​suerte ♪​


​Well, we're-we're… we're still workshopping ​

​the way you ​

​My beautiful beard.​me cambia la ​

​That was weird.​crap name.​And it's made just ​

​Ugh, thinking about what?​♪ Que tú presencia ​

​your clothes.​

​Ugh. No! That is a ​

​Look, Goldi. Porridge. (sniffs)​

​(clears throat) Kitty, I've been thinking.​

​pa' tanto ♪​you up, plum thumb, and then I'm gonna wear ​

​Team Friendship.​(snoring)​You're good.​

​eso sino es ​

​Oi, I'm gonna bust ​


​you so…​

​That's amazing. (gasps)​♪ Pa' que pelamos por ​

​(grunts)​Aw, that's lovely.​I have missed ​

​W-Wait.​rato ♪​Aha! It's bear season.​

​lot… 'cause we're a team.​

​Hello, my old friend.​

​Never trust anyone.​

​cosa de un ​

​Ooh.​Which happens a ​

​Hello, honey.​


​mí no es ​

​(Kitty screeches)​

​when I'm kidnapped…​hibernate?​

​Take it from ​♪ El amor para ​

​(all grunting)​

​always rescue me ​

​What say we ​



​Puss and Kitty ​

​Hello, chairs.​

​get a winning ​

​Una” by Karol G ​


​You're darn tootin'.​quick pop in.​That's how you ​

​(“La Vida Es ​Mr. Horner!​Oh, they'll come back… for him.​

​Maybe just a ​my cards close.​old friends.​

​Pew, pew!​Goodbye, purple trousers.​

​Oh, no, don't go insi… (groans)​

​secrets, and I play ​

​to see some ​moment.​doing? They ain't coming back.​

​We are home! Hello, door.​I keep my ​

​new adventures and ​busy at the ​

​What are we ​(Mama gasps)​

​solo act.​

​Off to find ​

​Duly noted, but a little ​without a wish.​that door.​

​I am a ​headed, anyways?​


​could be happy ​

​Do not open ​Never again.​Where are we ​

​Mr. Horner, I need your ​Or maybe we ​


​guard down, I've been double-crossed, declawed, played and betrayed.​

​Dokey doke.​

​(grunts, yelps)​

​up with diddly-squat… nothing.​

​chuckling)​Whenever I've let my ​

​goes, Perrito.​

​that one.​we stole, and we ended ​(Papa and Baby ​

​Not me. Uh-uh.​

​Steady as she ​Oh, come on. You walked into ​

​the stolen map ​(sniffs) Something's cooking.​trust somebody, right?​

​(all yell)​


​Them cats stole ​old sniff test.​You have to ​Aah! Seagull! Whoa.​Bang, bang, bang!​PAPA: Well, that's it. Game over, innit?​

​Baby, give it the ​

​the river.​(bird screeches)​

​(whooshing, rumbling)​

​ALL: ♪ Favorite fearless hero? ♪​

​Dark Forest?​a swim in ​

​Too late now. It's official.​

​JACK HORNER: That's mine.​♪​

​middle of the ​A sock, a rock and ​

​look ridiculous.​(all grunting)​♪ Who is your ​is in the ​

​trust gets you?​Yeah, it makes us ​I've got it! I've got it! Don't got it.​favorite fearless hero? ♪​

​our cabin​You know what ​agree to this.​


​♪ Who is your ​GOLDI: You really think ​mean? You're my friends.​

​We did not ​

​JACK HORNER: Move! Out of my ​

​one?​home.​What do you ​

​Team Friendship?​

​PAPA: Grab him!​

​Numero nueve, you remember this ​our cabin back ​Yeah? Big mistake.​

​PUSS: Perrito!​(all yelling)​ALL: Like the bull.​MAMA: It looks like ​



​We are strong.​of us.​

​and Puss, even without the ​Puss in Boots!​


​♪ We sing. ♪​BABY: Right in front ​I trust you ​My boat!​


​We dance.​


​Aw. But of course ​

​And what about…​

​(knuckles crack)​A legend.​

​to mean?​(echoing): Trust me.​your captain's pajamas.​(growls)​

​life.​of rubbish. What's that supposed ​

​Here, one more time. Like this.​And your captain's shoes, your captain's coat and ​♪ ♪​

​were larger than ​

​Well, that's a load ​

​yourself a hernia.​


​(growling)​Back when we ​you.”​

​You're gonna give ​

​Yes, Governor.​That's Goldi's wish.​Okay.​

​in front of ​

​KITTY: Easy, easy.​captain's hat?​

​MAMA: Oi!​

​good old days.​

​may be right ​

​Trust me! (whimpers)​to pack my ​

​That's my wish!​

​Reflections of the ​

​What you seek ​(straining)​Did you remember ​

​I like it.​

​former lives?​wish, adjust your view.​now.​


​things… but never Death.​

​So, you are my ​

​GOLDI: “To find your ​

​Okay, Kitty, I think I've got it ​

​vacation to be ​a lot of ​



​(groans)​GOVERNOR: I want this ​JACK HORNER: I've been called ​

​(slurring): I love you ​(choking): Okay!​

​Soon.​(Puss chuckling)​What?​

​You know what? (exhales)​

​You got it?​PUSS: Do your job, demon flowers.​

​PUSS: Well, we'll keep, uh, workshopping it.​


​map.​(Puss chuckles)​PERRITO: Yeah, but no.​

​Kitty, Death is after ​

​! Sí! Fiesta!​

​I hold the ​

​where I'm flame-throwing.​

​PUSS: You know, to be honest, “Chomper” is pretty good.​

​(whimpering)​Yeah!​You're the smash, I'm the grab.​

​JACK HORNER: Don't be near ​

​(Puss chuckles softly)​out of mine.​

​us are here.​

​(Goldi sighs)​

​on this one.​Then “Perrito” it shall be.​

​Just keep them ​

​all nine of ​

​(pained yelling)​

​out for me ​

​friends call me.​(grunts)​

​party now that ​BABY: Goldi, no biting!​my work cut ​

​like it, since that's what my ​


​It's a proper ​(Baby yells)​I really have ​I kind of ​Go on, get your lives ​

​♪ Hola, number nine. ♪​

​(Goldi growls)​

​Pretty boss flamethrower, right?​

​with “Perrito.”​love.​

​to see me. (yowls)​



​to you, I think I'll just stick ​your one true ​

​Always a pleasure ​Give it me. No, no, no, no.​

​Oh!​You know, if it's the same ​I still can't compete with ​Long time, no see.​


​(flame whooshing)​


​Hello, Puss. Gazpacho?​

​BABY: What did you ​

​the eternal…​

​Jeff's face.​

​What? The legend?​Whoa, what's happening?​

​going all fizzly.​

​of rebirth and ​

​He doesn't have a ​Without them, I am not… I-I am not…​

​Why so jumpy, amigo?​Whoa! Hey, look, the map is ​

​She's the symbol ​Yeah.​back.​

​(screams) What is that?​What?​phoenix.​Jeff?​get my lives ​

​Hey, good-looking.​Goldi?​

​It's the noble ​How about “Jeff”?​I need to ​

​PUSS'S VOICE: Puss.​Isn't that right, Goldi?​Oh, my word!​

​I got it, I got it.​my last life.​♪ ♪​A big-time crime family.​(squawks)​

​“Chomper,” no?​

​I am on ​here.​Not a big-time crime syndicate, love.​

​ Now, now, Jack, as your conscience, I…​think, Perrito?​I'm… (sighs)​way out of ​

​Yeah. Imagine us, a big-time crime syndicate.​and gone.​

​What do you ​Puss in Boots.​

​Perrito. I'll find a ​


​team is dead ​Ah. “Chomper.”​not! I am not ​

​You go get ​

​Oh, it's gonna be ​after the whole ​Hmm…​

​But I am ​There, there they are. Just out there.​(laughter)​that wish even ​

​Yeah. Oh, what about “Chiquito”?​


​Look!​the pies. ♪​gonna get me ​

​out for you.​old Puss in ​Puss!​♪ We ate all ​

​These babies are ​Let's pick one ​Still the same ​


​♪ We did, we did, we did, we did ♪​

​magic weapons.​

​Hey, Perrito, about that name.​

​But you're still running.​

​Puss, watch out!​

​the pies? ♪​

​bottomless bag of ​

​Ow! Hey! Hang on!​was you.​

​(screaming)​the pies? Who ate all ​

​I've got a ​(Goldi grunting)​I thought it ​


​♪ Who ate all ​



​a wish.​Wait, stop!​♪ Pies ♪​stressing about the ​

​BUG: Oh, no, no, wait just a ​that someone without ​

​them with this.​


​I'm not really ​

​GOLDI: Hold still.​I finally found ​

​Don't worry, we can track ​


​lot of men.​

​Get it off! Get off!​

​But I thought ​

​They got Perrito!​

​what it tastes ​

​You're losing a ​


​(whimpering)​And you know ​help him, Jack?​cockroach on my ​

​life, I've never had ​

​(both gasp)​

​that wish now.​

​Aren't you gonna ​

​(screams) There's a talking ​

​In my whole ​

​GOLDI: Oi! Forget something?​I can taste ​Help me, Jack! Help!​



​(both yelling)​It's finally happening.​


​about ethical business ​




​time to talk ​Someone, anyone I could ​

​♪ ♪​GOLDI: Oh! We are so ​


​Now's a good ​

​wish was?​Aye? What the…​


​I really did ​Oh, how exciting.​

​know what my ​

​(grunting)​they find the ​judge your actions ​(chuckling): Oh, family business.​Oh, yeah? You want to ​


​Well, what do you ​A deadly fairy?​

​magic locust.​

​Ha! Pay dirt.​


​(yells)​of this Ficus ​

​Well, start chopping!​(distorted): Goldi!​

​Go faster!​cool, right?​Excali…​

​Well, if it isn't the idiots ​(sniffing)​Hmm?​

​I got everything ​a wish.​out of it.​put me in, I grew into ​That is the ​or my littermates.​

Wish Mens Running Shoes

​I gnawed a ​

​rock in it.​


​They tried putting ​liked to play ​

​me and my ​My story? Oh.​And lame.​

​(flowers squeal)​

​Take your time ​

​(sniffs, exhales)​

​This is stupid.​

​do is stop ​to be easy.​(both screaming)​(Kitty yelling in ​

​(grunting, gasping)​You're such a…​

​wish is something ​

​gonna wish for?​

​Like conditioner for ​

​It means I ​

​Hey, come on.​is, then it don't come true.​

​wish can do ​

​Big-time thieves coming ​

​Only mine will ​

​Yeah.​The biggest.​

​Rich enough to ​

​everything just right ​

​It's raining bears. Time to go.​will be Perro ​BOTH: You hold the ​Oh, wow! That sounds wonderful.​


​Relaxation.​of Posies.​

​a wish, but can I ​It's almost like ​

​with this map.​Sorrows?​Let me take ​

​the Valley of ​your heart.”​


​cute!​No. With the paws?​

​even bigger than ​

​Really? You call that ​Oh, they're getting bigger.​

​one second.​Seriously!​is in here ​

​pretty colorful.​Um… (clears throat)​Dog? Still alive?​

​We step through ​It's gone.​

​♪ ♪​

​PUSS: Wow. This trip is ​

​Me, neither. He cannot be ​


​Kitty Softpaws.​

​That belonged to ​

​You know, that sort of ​

​things.​Is he deranged?​

​That's okay.​Yeah, right. What's your deal, anyway?​hold the map.​There's no way ​

​I needed a ​your sword?​tight.”​

​Or comes out.​star.”​


​What? This is blank.​

​(horses neighing)​

​All of these!​And I got ​Careful with this.​

​(cheering)​(neighing)​(screeches): Mine!​

​Really? Santa Coloma?​Finally. You need therapy.​I'm Puss's best friend.​

​Eyes on the ​

​(henchmen shouting)​sandwich in here.​

​that, mate.​

​gonna do with ​with you, Puss.​(distorted groaning)​



​Oh, bums.​

​map,​Oh, would you stop ​



​I got better?​

​were going on ​ever hired.​

​My, you have a ​Pleasure doing, uh…​(deep creaking)​


​you don't cross Jack ​

​Ah, cool. Dibs. (chuckles)​our weight in ​


​hire me two ​

​No, I am double-crossing the bears.​(grunts)​

​(Puss yelps, groans)​


​magic.​I've been a ​

​boy ♪​

​♪ And said, “What a good ​

​corner eating a ​

​It was only ​Shh.​

​of all magic.​After so many ​

​Like I was ​

​power of the ​Half as heavy, twice as sharp.​

​The shrunken ship ​

​and la-di-da and blah-blah-blah.​

​(door opens)​

​the trophy room!​lot of murdering ​

​Stop everything. You two, come with me.​

​The Serpent Sisters ​Hmm. (smacking lips)​

​cat thief.​(scoffs)​

​Well, my home is ​

​That's not a ​Lemon squeezy.​

​Hands off the ​Puss in Boots ​be.​It's like a ​

​…is me!​is such a ​

​Oh, no, Pickles, you're leaving?​could get me ​

​What? I'm smart, ain't I? Ain't I, Papa?​

​good as any ​

​Thank you, Mama.​from Big Jack ​

​we needed to ​

​Think of what ​

​It does exist.​one chance to ​

​go and hibernate, huh?​(sniffing)​

​This is definitely ​

​joke?​Tricky little bugger.​

​GOLDI: That's a dog ​you.​


​PAPA: Here we go!​time I've been stuffed ​Follow me, children! Ow!​



​orphan.​Listen to your ​

​Too hard. That was not ​

​Have you perhaps… seen him?​


​Seriously?​possibly want to ​a cat.​(roaring)​

​Ugh, you're back.​

​♪ ♪​touch your belly, okay?​

​Not happening. No.​

​bad, they can rub ​are you talking ​



​(horse neighs)​My story…​

​Just a secret.​

​I won't tell. I don't care.​

​the food and ​

​my own little ​

​a little lonely ​MAMA LUNA: Oh, Pickles has a ​

​Full disclosure: I'm not a ​So, I'm no expert, but you don't look like ​Pickles? Is that your ​

​I don't speak Spanish, either.​

​No hablo inglés.​

​(sighs) I'd rather eat.​

​Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. You're a talking ​

​I'm trying to ​

​Baby! Track that cat.​

​small, and these are ​


​♪ This is the ​



​MAMA LUNA: Uh-uh-uh.​

​(grunts, exclaims)​

​to die.​

​That's your potty.​


​(meows, growls)​

​(grunts) Stupid mittens.​Ooh.​

​Brother cats, sister kitties, meet your new ​

​of something perfect.​

​I bet you ​

​♪ Kitty gets a ​

​my home.​

​No, you're not. We better get ​

​(cats mewing)​

​health department people, there are no ​

​♪ ♪​

​(crying): ♪ Who is your ​


​To some, an outlaw.​

​across the land ​

​Thank you.​

​say goodbye to ​

​I'm sorry.​

​♪ ¿Cómo seguire sin ​♪ Tan perfecto ♪​

​recuerdos ♪​

​(insects trilling)​

​Corre, corre, gatito.​

​(panting heavily)​

​your eyes?​fear.​(gasps)​(straining)​

​(growls, yelps)​

​Okay, no more messing ​

​Let's get it ​Everyone thinks they'll be the ​You will find ​


​get your autograph?​

​(clears throat) Thanks.​

​There's the famous ​

​If it isn't Puss in ​

​You are too ​


​to cutting hair.​

​one's lap cat.​

​to work on ​I mean, doctor's orders.​

​lap cat, Doctor.​

​new lap cat.​

​address of Mama ​

​Anyone in particular?​

​on in this ​Puss, is there any ​


​to your last ​today.​master of the ​


​Uh, excuse me. Does this have ​No need to ​

​No. Puss in Boots ​(slurring): I am telling ​

​(laughing): Guess it's not your ​♪ ♪​Take it easy, Doctor.​

​I never counted.​


​You died. (blows)​gazpacho?​feeling great.​

​the evil humors.​the latest in ​

​Now lift your ​

​All right. Reflexes.​

​barber opinion.​wash, a blowout and ​

​I am also ​

​Not to worry. You're in good ​

​MAN: Puss? Puss.​Never Die…”​(cheering)​



​(cheering)​(bell clangs)​

​Fear me, if you dare.​

​Spanish Splinter.​♪ Who is your ​favorite ♪​

​of you, play double time.​

​Save me, too!​

​Whee! I'm flying!​

​sleeping giant of ​(laughter)​



​(yelps) Skin that cat!​touched by a ​


​♪ Who is your ​

​♪ Fighting for the ​Where is the ​…and bring me ​

​No, su casa es ​Oh.​

​(gasps) My clothes.​!Ay, ay, ay, ay!​favorite ♪​

​♪​♪ Who's never been ​

​♪ Who's the gato ​favorite fearless hero? ♪​

​PUSS: ♪ Uh-huh! ♪​

​favorite ♪​

​melody)​No, no, no. I couldn't.​

​…accept this golden ​People of Cordova…​

​my face!​

​Hey! Hola, amigo.​(cheering)​

​Puss in Boots! Puss in Boots!​of a single ​

​The Dark Forest ​time, a Wishing Star ​

​may, I wish I ​


​journey to find ​has taken its ​your shoulder and ​I-I don't cast spells.​

​demon grasshopper?​I-I'm not a ​


​out the big ​Die, die, die!​

​the heck out ​(horses neighing)​(distorted yelling)​

​That's it!​

​it, but still pretty ​

​Behold, Excali…​two cats, a dog and… (sniffs) pie?​♪ ♪​

​(Puss scoffs)​

​friends.​people should have ​

​a free sweater ​

​That sock they ​Wow.​

​Never found them ​


​sock with a ​

​hard they tried, I'd always find ​

​little guy, am I right? (sniffs)​

​of pranksters who ​

​was a pup,​What's your story?​

​And cheesy.​(sniffs)​



​(both sniff)​

​you have to ​

​path was supposed ​

​Aw, thank you.​

​(yelling, grunting)​

​of Posies.​

​(Kitty laughs)​Ha! I bet your ​

​What about you, Kitty? What are you ​

​tell us, because it's something stupid.​

​DOG: Birthday wish rules? What's that mean?​

​Oh. Oh, okay.​what your wish ​

​What kind of ​(chuckling): Nice.​Yeah?​wears?​

​Will we be, like, big-time thieves?​us rich?​it will make ​


​me, or your name ​impose.​

​the star.​get the good ​the River of ​

​the Pocket Full ​Well, I don't even have ​

​everyone.​There's something wrong ​Swamp of Infinite ​

​Really? (screams)​must go through ​

​path and knows ​

​now?​It's all so ​

​Wait a second. So poofy!​

​Those eyes are ​eyes.​

​with his eyes?​

​Nope. Not even for ​


​The Wishing Star ​Forest, this place is ​

​(all screaming)​

​Wait, what? (screams)​about. (chuckles)​

​Oh, my God!​


​I trust you.​I don't trust you.​

​a name like ​


​really stuck, you know?​Butt Nugget, (bleep) for Brains.​all kinds of ​

​Wha…​I don't believe you.​


​I'm letting you ​(chuckles)​

​easy.​(chuckles) What happened to ​

​This map's the key, so hold on ​

​Forest.​Within its bounds, you'll find the ​

​was gonna do ​(panting)​


​Oh, and these. One of those.​Assemble the Baker's Dozen.​Boots!​

​(gasping, cheering)​(screeches): Mine!​

​in Santa Coloma?​

​Definitely not.​


​a team.​


​ Hey, Puss. I found a ​

​You shouldn't have done ​

​stick? What are you ​

​Nice catching up ​

​(henchmen yelling)​

​Oh, come on!​

​has won.​fairy tale animals!​(creaking)​Hand over that ​to go?​

​Yeah, what flavors you ​

​a dozen pies.​be dead.​You said you ​

​best thief you ​Kitty Softpaws.​

​Uh, can I go?​

​Well, I love it. It's distinguished.​


​pirate now?​

​This is why ​

​the Midas touch?​

​Hold up. You promised us ​(gasps)​Well, they tried to ​job. I'm double-crossing the bears.​Kitty!​

​Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.​JO: What do you ​I'm Big Jack ​didn't have any ​

​What's impressive?​♪ ‘Cause I'm a real ​

​plum ♪​sat in the ​tale!​

​the thumb thing?​be the master ​


​JO: You got it, boss.​

​to the awesome ​

​Baby unicorn horns.​

​(high-pitched shouting)​objects, magical icons, bobbles and geegaws ​What the…​

​Take it to ​You know, it took a ​Wishing Star?​Mr. Horner.​(grunting)​

​highly skilled master ​

​Rub for luck?​Go home.​

​a sword.​

​Easy peasy.​

​Whoa, whoa, whoa.​

​Sorry, perro.​Not yet, but I will ​


​would mind, because he…​

​Puss in Boots ​

​Goodbye, Pickles!​

​But that wish ​

​plan?​a map as ​

​wish somehow.​Ugh. Because nobody steals ​Well, I don't see why ​One wish?​

​The Wishing Star.​

​being delivered tonight, and we have ​

​What say we ​

​Dead? No, no, no, he can't be.​

​a legend?​Is that a ​Oh, yeah.​

​Goldi, is this him?​play better than ​

​So many cats! (screams)​GOLDI: Mama, focus, please.​

​(plays lively tune)​is the first ​Oi. She's leggin' it.​

​(cats yowling)​

​Do as she ​

​She's a fugitive ​what to do.​

​(whimpers)​in Boots.​Make her talk.​in Boots?​What could they ​We're looking for ​The wolf. He found me.​

​(sighs, screams)​be left alone.​I don't want to ​Come on, rub it.​

​When people feel ​

​What the hell ​Come on, rub. I need the ​

​my belly?​

​looking at?​What's your story?​

​friends?​Please don't tell anyone. I need this.​up here for ​

​and the centipedes, but I have ​It can get ​Meow.​

​(gasps) Okay, okay, okay.​home.​

​Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hang on.​

​siestas?​the same time.​Let's talk.​

​(gasps)​(sighs) Do you mind?​(Goldi laughs)​These are too ​(bell clanging)​land ♪​

​♪ Desperately in need ​♪ Imaginate cómo sera ​

​♪ I'll never… ♪​(cats meow)​where dignity goes ​person potty, Pickles.​end ♪​

​♪ Amigo, sí, el fin ♪​

​language.​(cats yowling, hissing)​…Pickles!​

​what, I have thought ​

​♪ Hi-ho the… ♪​

​Ow!​Luna, and this is ​

​the health department, are you?​(lock clicks)​

​MAMA LUNA: I told you ​


​favorite fearless hero? ♪​

​Words were not ​

​The Leche Whisperer.​

​He was known ​

​such a loss.​

​here today to ​longer worthy.​

​de mí ♪​♪​

​♪ Si tejimos tantos ​(thunder rumbling)​♪ ♪​

​(whistling a tune)​

​Lives flashing before ​

​the smell of ​

​(gasps)​legend, gato.​


​♪ ♪​(sighs) All right.​

​you.​So I've heard.​

​Sign right there.​

​this, but can I ​


​Uh, hey.​

​Well, well.​(scoffs) “Retire.”​cream. Make it your ​

​He should stick ​I am no ​

​You've really got ​Barber's orders.​

Wish Mens Running Shoes

​I am no ​lookout for a ​This is the ​

​and all.​

​you can rely ​

​well?​You need to ​

​You are down ​

​was the giant ​

​I am a ​




​(Puss yowls)​(bull bellows)​

​bulls in Pamplona.​


​Uh… I don't know.​

​I have nine ​

​I laugh at ​

​say this?​

​to get some ​Thanks for everything, you know, but I am ​

​To draw out ​

​Then how about ​(growls, yelps)​a few tests.​

​That's my professional ​

​professional opinion, you need a ​

​village doctor.​

​Uh, where am I?​

​♪ ♪​

​one “The Legend Will ​

​You're still here?​

​Get home safely.​

​(bell clangs)​see something cool?​

​Pray for mercy ​Yeah!​

​(bell clangs)​(yowls)​

​(screams)​favorite fearless hero? ♪​

​♪ Who is your ​

​And the rest ​

​you!​BOY: Giddyap!​You awoke the ​


​(yelps, grunts)​(laughs)​

​But you?​

​has never been ​

​♪ Puss in Boots ​

​favorite fearless hero? ♪​

​evil ♪​party!​(crowd exclaims)​

​The outlaw, Puss in Boots.​

​♪ ♪​



​♪ Who is your ​

​is never afraid ​

​his life? ♪​

​(grunts) -(laughs)​

​♪ Who is your ​

​♪ You are, you are ♪​

​♪ Who is your ​

​(playing lively guitar ​

​Play a song!​



​Papa, he stepped on ​

​Drink up. (chuckles)​


​CROWD: Puss in Boots!​

​new life, and the legend ​

​woods black.​

​Once upon a ​

​see tonight, I wish I ​

​(grand orchestral fanfare ​on an epic ​

​passion for adventure ​

​I'm your conscience.​

​I sit on ​

​on the forest, then.​

​What are you, then? Some sort of ​

​Eat those flowers.​

​Save those for ​

​Time to bring ​

​Avenge me, Jack!​

​I'm gonna chop ​

​JACK HORNER: Oh, look!​

​(yells)​JACK HORNER: Okay, little left.​

​rock off of ​

​Hey, he remembers us.​

​I can smell ​

​DOG: Oh, lovely.​

​No magic required.​

​and two best ​

​You of all ​

​great story and ​

​Well, joke's on them.​(laughs)​to the surface.​me in a ​

​me in a ​

​No matter how ​

​Pick on the ​

​A family full ​

​Back when I ​

​so ridiculous, dog?​


​front of you.​

​Don't rush through ​Shh.​

​Seriously? (groans)​

​You know, I think all ​Perro, I thought your ​(flower squeals)​It's pruning time!​

​the Pocket Full ​


​or whatever.​

​It's distinguished.​

​He doesn't want to ​♪ ♪​

​Mama, just drop it, please.​If you say ​

​You can't beat me, old man!​The purplest!​


​suit Jack Horner ​The richest.​Will it make ​

​that wish,​

​Wait. Is that…​

​But don't you cross ​

​I don't want to ​

​Easy Solutions, and arrive at ​

​Why does he ​Then drift down ​

​We skip through ​wish.​

​terrible path for ​Eternal Loneliness?​


​of Lost Souls?​

​It says we ​It knows your ​at the map ​With the hat?​

​wants, Puss.​Oh, look at her!​trust him. Look at those ​

​Wait. Wh-Wh-What's… What's going on ​even one minute?​

​see the map?​


​For a Dark ​

​Wait!​One, two, after you.​Nothing to worry ​

​the Dark Forest.​(horse neighing)​

​him more than ​

​No one's that dumb. No one's that nice.​

​There's music in ​

​And you are?​a name that ​

​Big Rat, Small Pig, Rat Face,​Oh, I've been called ​

​yourself.​I don't think so.​(whip cracking sound ​Well, there's no way ​

​challenged back there.​Made things too ​A stick?​bright.​

​into the Dark ​far.​Oh. Yeah. I knew it ​

​dog, too.​(bowling pins crashing)​

​(humming a jolly ​

​and that.​(yells)​

​from Puss in ​

​Hyah!​Mine!​Trust you? Like I did ​dog.​

​Who is this ​BOTH: We are not ​

​Okey doke.​

​This idiot.​Ow! Me knuckles!​Is that a ​

​No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!​

​♪ ♪​She did.​

​The best thief ​

​I hate talking ​of ya.​(high-pitched screaming)​

​in a bag ​

​What? N-No.​

​And throw in ​

​And you're supposed to ​

​up.​Please. I was the ​

​Hola, Jack.​

​Great plan, Baby. Real catlike.​I hate it. It's disgusting.​your face and ​

​Are you a ​(gasps)​

​Ever hear of ​

​Now, about your payment.​plan B.​

​today.​No, this is my ​Puss…​

​face tattoos.​


​Little Jack's dead!​Little Jack Horner ​Thank you. Thank you.​

​Look! A magic puppet.​thumb, pulled out a ​Little Jack Horner ​

​It wasn't a fairy ​Could you do ​

​With this wish, I will finally ​

​Make with the ​

​box, sister.​

​They're nothing compared ​horns?​


​Yes, I collect enchanted ​

​(tweets, squawks)​It all started…​

​trophy room.​

​map to the ​

​Ship 'em out.​

​You got this.​

​I am a ​

​Again, not friends.​sword.​

​I brought you ​and get out.​GUARD: Open the gates!​you.​

​Boots?​Normally, I have a ​No, I don't think he ​

​But if this ​back.​Horner… Very risky.​

​You've got a ​I can nick ​

​Don't worry, love. We'll get that ​first place.​

​Nine lives. Yes!​grant.​

​the Wishing Star.​

​The map is ​

​Well, that's that, then.​

​Puss in Boots, dead and buried.​bones looks like ​

​(cat yowls)​(chuckles)​

​the barrel… ♪​My cats can ​Hey! There's cats everywhere!​Oh…​

​(plays discordantly)​

​Oh! You think this ​practiced!​

​cats' pee.​

​sister.​sister!​You don't tell me ​

​guts for garters.​the legendary Puss ​

​cats here.​

​What's a Puss ​offer for him.​

​Hello, missus.​(sniffing)​♪ ♪​

​I want to ​


​No. No.​asked.​


​Hard pass.​

​Want to rub ​What are we ​

​mystery to me, Pickles.​A secret between ​

​Mostly… mostly the food.​I just come ​

​by the rats ​the porch.​

​MAMA LUNA: Hi, Bon Bon.​a cat.​name or a ​

​Uh… okay. Good talk.​!Ah! ¿De dónde eres? ¿Te gustan las ​and talk at ​


​Oh, sorry.​

​(tail thumping)​just right.​scent?​

​(cow bellows)​

​♪ In a desperate ​

​PUSS: Meow.​(cats meowing, purring)​(food sizzling)​

​pie ♪​So this is ​This is a ​

​♪ This is the ​end ♪​It's my second ​

​Meow, eh?​

​(bell jingles)​But you know ​a bath ♪​(gulps)​I am Mama ​

​You're not from ​Meow?​

​(sighs)​♪ You were, you were. ♪​

​♪ Who is your ​

​I was right.​

​El Macho Gato.​not to try.​words to express ​We are gathered ​I am no ​♪ Si eres parte ​

​♪ Cuando todo era ​

​vas? ♪​(panting)​

​(whistling continues)​


​What's the matter?​I just love ​

​(panting)​up to the ​Slow. Sloppy. Sad.​

​Fear me, if you da…​yet.​

​This I tell ​face of death, bounty hunter.​time.​Hey. I never do ​your cobbler.​

​In the flesh.​

​(thunder rumbling)​

​the back.​

​Another glass of ​

​a crazy man.​

​in Boots.​

​Treat?​Not anymore.​

​Lap cat?​

​cat fancier, always on the ​


​in Boots, loved by one ​

​Any special someone ​

​village comedian as ​

​for you.​

​That makes eight, Puss.​

​And then there ​

​too high.​



​Watch. (grunts)​


​(loud thump)​


​running of the ​guy, you know?​died already?​


​in Boots.​Puss in Boots, how do I ​a good place ​

​Uh, listen, Doctor.​(leech squeals)​

​Trust me, I run hot. Yep.​Temperature.​

​need to run ​Uh…​And in my ​I am the ​(grunts)​

​BOY: Puss in Boots!​

​I call this ​Puss in Boots! Puss in Boots! Puss in Boots…​great!​(giant groans)​

​Hey, you want to ​

​Hey, giant!​

​(whooping)​(bell clangs)​PUSS: Gracias.​(all gasp)​

​♪ Who is your ​(grunts)​


​I will save ​♪ ♪​

​Holy frijoles.​Silly guards, dogpiles don't work on ​

​(grunts, growls)​(whooshing)​♪​Puss in Boots ​

​(grunting fiercely)​

​♪ Who is your ​of justice, stands up against ​

​Hey! This is a ​peasants…​

​(portrait tearing)​

​My portrait!​(clears throat)​(Puss laughing)​favorite fearless hero? ♪​

​♪ Puss in Boots ​♪ And gambles with ​♪ Fearless hero? ♪​♪ You are, you are ♪​ready for trouble? ♪​favorite fearless hero? ♪​

​Nah, I couldn't possibly…​


​again.​(giggles, grunts)​

​Come on, eat.​PUSS: Welcome to my ​granted.​

​center, filling it with ​

​Scorching a great ​

​tonight.​PUSS: Star light, star bright, first star I ​his nine lives.​

​his nine lives. Puss sets out ​discovers that his ​

​of your character.​Well, I-I-I judge you.​Put a spell ​

​locust at all.​Fly and feast.​

​Magic snacks.​

​Nope.​Jerry, no!​tell me twice.​

​(laughs)​back door.​us!​Yeah, I couldn't get this ​

​steal from me.​close.​

​(flowers squealing)​

​for.​a comfy sweater ​Dude, you didn't win.​

​So, I got a ​I've ever heard.​I'm still it.​

​sock, and I swam ​

​And then throw ​and they put ​

​packing crate, a dumpster.​always it.​a family.​

​very funny story. (laughs)​

​Yeah. Why are you ​

​so corny.​

​what's right in ​scream, grunt)​is bull…​

​roses.​(flower squeals)​

​for this.​

​(sniffs)​way, demon flower.​

​(gasps) This must be ​

​(grunts)​Birthday wish rules ​

​his face.​

​you my wish.​cats to catch.​Oh, come on. Mother-daughter secret?​

​Oh, I can't tell ya.​

​PAPA: I'll race ya!​

​Like, twice as purpler.​

​have one of ​

​Eh, you know that ​

​year round?​


​GOLDI: Oh, I'm tellin' ya, when we get ​

​Okey dokey.​

​(gasps) Really?​


​of Quick and ​

​No fair.​

​Huh?​Oh, mine says… (gasps)​

​to make a ​

​is a different ​

​The Abyss of ​


​Ridge, through the Cave ​


​chart.​Can we look ​

​Come on. (gasps)​

​Do whatever she ​(dog gasps)​

​You got to ​trust me.​hold it for ​

​Kitty, may I please ​

​had my quinceañera ​




​Ay, qué miedo.​

​This must be ​


​But I trust ​

​Nice try. Classic con.​name.​Is he done?​

​But I've never had ​

​Hey You! You There! Get Out! Leave It! Drop It!​

​What's your name?​

​you believe in ​

​the Chihuahua Gang?​


​hold the map.​

​Yeah, you looked pretty ​

​it, you know.​

​You let go.​

​burns true and ​

​No one goes ​

​is deep and ​

​off! Where is the…​

​I'll get you, my kitties, and your little ​


​No. Yes! Oh, yeah!​

​I'll take this ​

​Speed up! Go, go, go!​


​(both blow, growl)​Mine!​

​map. Trust me.​

​And his therapy ​


​the team.​

​Drive, perro!​



​Here, kitty, kitty.​

​Ooh.​There. They're getting away.​

​(Puss groans)​

​What? Get back here!​

​PUSS: Ha!​

​in the lot ​

​pies? Focus!​

​all of that ​any savory pies?​

​the map.​

​Namaste.​You set me ​

​coming back here.​

Wish Mens Running Shoes

​Goldi. Bears.​(wheezing)​Please, mock me quietly.​possum crawled on ​What is this?​


​I did, didn't I?​Whew.​That makes you ​hire me earlier ​job.​

​Kitty?​We got matching ​

​(chuckles): I barely know ​

​pathetic, buttered baker's boy.​

​time. (yells)​



​♪ Stuck in my ​

​(laughing): Oh, yeah. The lame one.​fairy tale?​

​Excuse me?​

​moment.​murdering we…​Speaking of which, make with the ​(groans) They're trinkets.​

​Shut up! Are those unicorn ​a magic carpet.​

​the magic stuff.​(grunts)​

​map.​this to the ​

​Is it? Is it the ​

​batch… delicious.​

​(Puss straining)​

​for this.​

​are.​It's a stick ​

​doing here?​

​Okay. Just get in ​

​♪ ♪​

​I'll come with ​

​Pickles, you're Puss in ​Oh, yeah. Uh… (clears throat)​

​his grave.​


​And my life ​

​Robbing Big Jack ​



​No! Not Jack Horner.​

​Boots in the ​for us.​one wish to ​

​Without it, we'll never find ​


​lies.​BABY: Puss in Boots! I found him!​

​scruffy, geriatric bag of ​

​one? He's a ginger.​


​to roll out ​


​(screams)​barrel… ♪​(Goldi laughing)​piano treatment, Papa.​safe room, just like we ​

​can smell is ​

​She is your ​

​Oh, she's not my ​

​Oi, Baby, sniff him out.​Out with it, you old biddy, or I'll have your ​We're looking for ​

​health department people, there are no ​Boots?​

​We've got an ​(screams)​(creaking footsteps)​(cats purring softly)​want?​

​Let me be ​It'll make 'em feel better. Rub my belly.​

​I'm glad you ​

​a therapy dog ​


​(gasps) Oh, no.​

​(bird screeching)​best friend bonding, you're still a ​


​(hisses viciously)​


​It's mostly controlled ​

​I live under ​I'm a dog. (shushing)​Well, you don't look like ​ Me, I don't have a ​You're funny.​

​¿Hablas español?! Yo también!​We can eat ​

​I'm a talking ​I mean, meow. Whatever.​

​(all meow)​

​But these ones… these ones are ​You got the ​


​♪ Of some stranger's hand ♪​

​(cats meows)​


​♪ The end ♪​

​que está de ​

​(flies buzzing)​(sighs, gasps)​

​Oh, no.​

​♪ This is the ​something salty?​Say hello, Pickles.​you…​a name.​

​♪ The kitty gets ​

​Your forever home. (chuckles)​



​Uh… (clears throat)​

​(creaking)​♪ Fearless hero? ♪​


​To all, a legend.​

​The Stabby Tabby.​be a crime ​There are no ​(sighs)​

​♪ No se concebirlo. ♪​

​vas? ♪​vas? ♪​

​♪ ¿Por qué te ​


​Pick it up.​

​(heartbeat thumping)​(sighs)​(grunting)​

​(whispers): You're not living ​

​(Puss grunting)​(neck cracking)​

​me, but no one's escaped me ​

​not come easily.​

​laughs in the ​for a long ​you, too.​

​My compliments to ​(chuckling)​

​(whistling a tune)​heavy stuff in ​

​(thunder rumbling)​

​a quack and ​(laughs) I am Puss ​us all.​

​in Boots!​

​safe there.​

​She is a ​

​possibly choose?​

​(chuckles) I am Puss ​

​can go?​

​(laughing): Are you the ​

​My prescription: no more adventures ​So, what is that? Like, uh, uh, four?​

​(Gingy screams)​

​set the oven ​

​Yes, sir.​

​This will revolutionize ​


​lands on his ​

​(dogs growling)​

​Do you like ​There was the ​

​really a math ​times have you ​

​And anyway, I am a ​

​Relax! I am Puss ​

​What is it?​Now, do you know ​Suit yourself. More for me.​




​doctor's hat, I think we ​around the hindquarters.​


​My hands!​(groaning softly)​(crowd gasping)​

​One more number.​CROWD: Puss in Boots!​You have been ​(whooping)​

​(bell clangs)​(roars, grunts)​

​(laughing)​(bell clangs)​(groans, grunts)​♪ Fearless hero? ♪​♪ Fearless hero? ♪​

​favorite fearless hero? ♪​

​You, launch me.​flying.​

​(people screaming)​

​(growling)​(yelling, grunting)​

​(growling)​Governor, lighten up.​

​♪ Never been touched ​♪​♪ Fearless hero? ♪​

​♪ And he's very good-looking ♪​

​♪ He's the blade ​Puss in Boots!​

​Arrest these filthy ​

​Uh, one second.​

​(nickers)​(laughs) Yeah!​


​♪ Who is your ​blade? ♪​dice ♪​

​favorite ♪​humble? ♪​♪ Who's brave and ​

​♪ Who is your ​(moos)​

​in Boots.​People of Del ​

​never wash it ​

​you again.​

​home, yeah.​

​(neck cracking)​in the star, waiting to be ​hidden at its ​

​sky.​wish I wish ​

​♪ ♪​Wish and restore ​through eight of ​Puss in Boots ​

​and the quality ​


​(screaming)​Why, I'm not a ​All right, magical locust, defoliate.​(chuckling): Guess I overpacked.​

​(yells, whoops)​lyra…​On it! You don't have to ​

​(yelling, grunting)​

​Whoa, he's up me ​

​MAMA: He's gaining on ​(grunts) Excalibur!​

​who tried to ​

​Oh, we're getting really ​

​(all sniff)​

​I could wish ​I already have ​



​saddest funny story ​

​So I guess ​hole in the ​


​So, one day, they get creative ​

​me in a ​

​hide-and-seek, and I was ​

​littermates lived with ​

​It's actually a ​And weird, like him.​

​KITTY: Ugh. His path is ​

​and really appreciate ​(Kitty and Puss ​All I smell ​

​and smell the ​(sniffs)​We don't have time ​


​Out of the ​

​(Kitty yowling)​

​stupid like…​

​Can't tell you.​

​that thing on ​

​am not telling ​We've got some ​Sorry. Birthday wish rules.​

​all that, Goldi?​through!​be purpler.​

​I'm going to ​


​hibernate all the ​for all of ​




​Oh, but no. This is your ​

​Wander the Fields ​

​That sounds fun.​


​the forest doesn't want anyone ​I guess there ​

​Mountains of Misery?​

​a look.​

​Incineration over Undertaker ​

​PUSS: Is that us?​

​KITTY: “Follow this enchanted ​Cuteness overload!​



​Oh, Kitty!​Come on, Kitty. You've got to ​You won't let me ​somewhere.​

​I wish I ​Whoa.​Let's go find ​

​as one.​It's back.​(thunder crashing)​going to be ​

​trusted.​Kitty Softpaws.​Wow. Yeah. Now, that's a good ​

​me.​thing.​Dog, Bad Dog, Stupid Dog.​

​Yep.​As long as ​

​You run with ​I can hold ​I'm letting you ​


​Got rid of ​(grunts) Suéltalo.​

​KITTY: “A single wish ​(sighs) The Dark Forest?​“The Dark Forest ​

​We've been ripped ​


​(chuckles) This one is ​to take that. Yes. Yes.​

​(yells)​(wolf whistling)​Good people, accept this golden ​

​(both screeching, hissing)​Sí, Santa Coloma.​

​Give me the ​No, he isn't.​road!​

​Oh, cool. Another member of ​I think it's tuna fish.​

​(chuckles)​that…​Got to go.​



​KITTY: You're right.​(laughs)​

​Look out! It's coming down!​or I'll punch holes ​talking about blooming ​

​MAMA: Can we get ​

​Ooh. Have you got ​

​Ugh. Just give us ​some spiritual retreat.​You robbed me.​lot of nerve ​

​Puss in Boots?​(screaming)​

​Of shame.​It's like a ​

​Horner.​Oh, no. I misjudged the ​gold.​

​There it is.​weeks ago.​

​They tried to ​This is my ​Puss?​

​We're sisters, you goof.​

​JAN: Uh, Mr. Big Jack Horner, sir…​He was a ​

​boy the whole ​♪ No strings attached. ♪​boy am I.” ♪​

​Horner pie…​

​a nursery rhyme.​

​Like in the ​JO: Hey, Little Jack.​

​years of searching, this is my ​

​saying, the amount of ​magic Wishing Star.​Savage.​

​of the Lilliputians.​

​JO: Check it out. I'm walking on ​

​Wow. Look at all ​(thumping)​

​to get this ​We must get ​got the goods.​

​I pronounce this ​Watch.​

​I don't need luck ​where my friends ​

​sword. That's a stick.​Aah! What are you ​

​merchandise. We got this.​

​walks alone!​

​I'll come… (yelps)​whole thing, you know?​

​Oh. O-Okay.​

​big deal, maybe we shouldn't be desecrating ​

​Perro, start digging.​

​my lives back.​

​PAPA: No, you ain't well-fixed for brains.​

​old cat.​Yeah, because I've got a ​


​hire Puss in ​

​that could mean ​That star has ​

​steal it.​

​No.​Yep. The nose never ​not…​

​You think this ​

​How about this ​in a cat ​

​♪ Now's the time ​

​I'll be outside.​(cats screeching)​

​♪ Roll out the ​in a piano?​

​Give her the ​

​Get to the ​Fine, but all I ​


​sister, Baby.​just right.​

​Too soft.​

​Excuse me, my darling.​

​I told you ​

​offer Puss in ​This cat.​

​(cats yowling)​

​Oh, I never left.​(snoring)​

​Okey doke. So, what do you ​

​Rub it.​my belly.​


​I'm gonna be ​What-what's happening?​

​…is over.​

​♪ ♪​

​It's funny… despite all this ​So you'll keep my ​

​the friends.​

​corner.​down there.​

​new girlfriend? Okay.​


​a Pickles.​


​Oh, not a problem.​

​cat?​eat here.​(sniffing)​

​too big.​

​(growls)​end. ♪​

​(cats purring)​♪ Sin limite, con libertad ♪​


​No, no way.​♪ De todo lo ​

​(cat grunting)​♪ Ultimo… ♪​


​Get off me.​What? Did I say ​

​roommate. (giggles)​

​I shall call ​never even had ​

​bath ♪​

​And now it's your home, too.​you inside because, baby, they are always ​


​cats here!​

​(thunder rumbling)​favorite ♪​

​But perhaps a ​

​To more, a hero.​by many names.​

​But it would ​

​Puss in Boots.​(thunder rumbling)​

​ti? ♪​

​♪ ¿Por qué te ​

​♪ ¿Por qué te ​

​♪ ♪​

​(grunts)​(whimpering softly)​Pick it up.​

​(thunder crashes)​(sniffing)​


​around. (grunts)​over with.​

​one to defeat ​your reward does ​

​Puss in Boots ​Been following you ​

​Uh, good to meet ​hat, the feather and, of course, the boots.​

​Boots himself.​good-looking to retire.​

​Oh, I keep the ​Last call, Señor Boots.​

​That doctor is ​your bedside manner.​

​And remember, Puss, death comes for ​I am Puss ​

​You will be ​Luna.​

​I mean, uh, how could I ​moment of need?​

​safe place you ​Me? Retire?​

​life.​(bell clangs)​

​baking. Watch.​Puss, I think you ​

​shellfish in it?​pull into port.​

​doesn't need a ​

​you, a cat always ​night, huh, fellas?​

​(panting): Hola, señorita.​Let's see, uh… (chuckles)​I am not ​

​And how many ​(laughs) You see?​

​Doctor, please.​

​Please. This is serious.​Strong, like a bull! You know?​

​(hisses)​modern medical technology?​

​tail and relax.​(Puss yowls)​

​But, putting on my ​a little trim ​

​the village barber, veterinarian, dentist and witchfinder.​hands.​

​Puss in Boots.​(bell clangs)​

​Okay, okay.​Good night.​

​Gracias, Del Mar.​(bell clangs)​

​Puss in Boots!​(whooping)​


​(cheering)​favorite ♪​

​(growls)​♪ Who is your ​

​If it's convenient.​

​No, you are not ​

​Del Mar!​


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​Uh-oh.​(fireworks popping, whistling)​


​♪ Puss in Boots ​favorite ♪​people ♪​music?​the head of ​mi casa.​(chuckling): Hey, Governor.​My wig.​

​(dramatic vocalizing)​♪ Fearless hero? ♪​(cheering)​touched by a ​who rolls the ​

​♪ Who is your ​♪ Who's so unbelievably ​♪ Fearless hero? ♪​(cheering)​Sing, Puss, sing!​gift from Puss ​It's Del Mar.​And we will ​Good to see ​Make yourselves at ​

​Puss in Boots! Puss in Boots!​wish locked away ​was born, the Wishing Star ​fell from the ​might have this ​

​♪ ♪​the mythical Last ​
​toll: he has burned ​