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Christian Valentine Poems

​Will last through ​love for you.​helps us to ​Christian Valentine poems ​, ​you, an abiding love​deep and abiding ​models​By Joanna Fuchs​websites: ​

​My love for ​

​I reaffirm my ​Having good role ​we're really Thine.​
​Information obtained from ​eternity.​
​On Valentine's Day​
​Lord.​It's then that ​

​• Christian Valentine Poems​In heaven for ​Jesus Loves​
​to emulate our ​You did,​
​ ›  ›​know, we’ll share God’s love​
​Love You Like ​keep trying​

​each other as ​Custom Search​
​What’s more we ​
​woman. ​but we must ​
​When we love ​for details.​

​for me.​man or a ​
​perfect,​With every Valentine.​
​THIS SITE.​give and do ​for either a ​
​We cannot be ​be like you,​

​THAN 1,000 POEMS AT ​

​With all you ​that will work ​Role Model Valentine​ Oh Lord, please help us ​THERE ARE MORE ​joy,​Valentine's Day poem ​

​Christians to follow.​and divine.​

​Poems page, plus​I’m so blessed, so filled with ​
​biblical information. It's a Christian ​examples for other ​
​Of the holy ​This Christian Valentine ​
​say and do.​one based on ​

​lives provide good ​glimpse​
​Poems page, and​In everything you ​
​for the loved ​to Christians whose ​
​that, we get a ​

​This Christian Valentine ​heavenly light​
​greeting shows admiration ​poem gives appreciation ​
​When we do ​poems:​
​You shine God’s bright and ​

​Valentine poem does. This Christian Valentine ​

​This Christian Valentine ​Valentine;​

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​pages of Valentine ​you.​

​principles, as this Christian ​By Joanna Fuchs​To a beloved ​We have SEVEN ​comforter, and so are ​

​should reference religous ​

​Him.​need to give​
​page. ​Jesus is my ​Religious Valentine poetry ​
​because you love ​It's sacrifice we ​
​on every poem ​On Valentine’s Day, I realize​
​By Joanna Fuchs​
​true​Real love He'd redefine.​
​poem or ​My Comforter​
​Is sacred, blessed, divine.​holy wish comes ​
​change the world;​least one Christian ​
​and love.​Christian love​that your every ​
​Knowing He would ​
​In addition, there is at ​filled with light ​And that our ​
​prayer is answered,​Valentine,​
​to Christian poems:​

​love poem is ​

​you are mine,​that your every ​For this special ​are also devoted ​This Christian Valentine ​To know that ​you​He gave Himself, His life, His all,​

​The following pages ​By Joanna Fuchs​

​Dear Valentine, I'm joyful​I'm praying for ​
​did assign.​By Joanna Fuchs​
​yours forever.​Of heavenly paradise.​
​On Valentine's Day,​

​The task God ​In Jesus' name we pray; amen.​my love are ​
​gives a glimpse​do.​
​Father's orders--​is our Lord, Jesus Christ.​
​My heart and ​

Poems For Church

​A love that ​wants us to ​
​He followed His ​we know now​
​Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetheart;​the price,​and that's what He ​
​Valentine,​of all love ​

​mine eternally.​

​No matter what ​Him,​Give us a ​and the source ​that you are ​gives its all​because I love ​decided to​

​all love, from the beginning,​

​blessed​A love that ​
​enrich your life,​When Jesus Christ ​
​the origin of ​I am abundantly ​
​what I see.​to uplift you, serve you,​

​Valentine Divine​remember​treasure.​
​Christian love is ​I really want ​
​Valentine poem is.​
​On Valentine's Day, we pray to ​and admire and ​

​search your eyes​for you, me, all of us.​
​Jesus, as this Christian ​who need us.​that I notice ​
​And when I ​the ultimate love​
​the love of ​to serve those ​

​has given you,​
​for me,​because he showed ​
​are all about ​desire​
​special gifts God ​As His Valentine ​


​Christian Valentine poems ​manifested in our ​and for the ​Lord chose you​our Lord and ​By Joanna Fuchs​Him to us,​fine character​I'm glad the ​

​have for Him,​love in Christ.​

​will transfer from ​for your dependably ​
​The Lord's Valentine​the love I ​I send my ​
​for us​for me,​
​poems:​are derived from ​

Poems For Church

​On Valentine's Day,​
​our Lord showed ​full of love ​
​romantic Christian Valentine ​you​me.​
​that the love ​for your heart ​

​Here are two ​I have for ​
​whenever you need ​On Valentine's Day, we pray​
​I appreciate you​By Joanna Fuchs​that the love, affection and hopes​
​for help, encouragement and service​

​Lord.​you.​of you.​
​On Valentine's Day, I'm reminded​on me​
​fixed on the ​to be for ​we are thinking ​
​Love Him​you to call ​

​have our hearts ​

​God wants me ​On Valentine's Day,​our lives.​and I want ​


​the people in ​thinking of you,​
​that we will ​to be the ​
​we try to ​spills over onto ​

​that I am ​

​On Valentine's Day, we pray​I continually pray​
​whose example​for us that ​to know​
​the Lord​wholly, selflessly, completely.​those​of His love ​

More Christian Valentine Poems

​I want you ​Hearts Fixed on ​like Jesus loves:​We think of ​Christ, and on Valentine's Day, we are reminded ​as Jesus commanded.​By Joanna Fuchs​to love you​On Valentine's Day​connected to Jesus ​

​hoping to serve,​

​I continually pray ​do better.​should always be ​
​with love...​
​time in heaven ​
​hoping to encourage.​
​Love In Christ​
​special kind of ​
​Christian greeting card ​faith?​
​By Joanna Fuchs​Lord depart.​
​Christian life.​heaven above.​out of love,​
​It's God's word, flawless and true.​
​We are also ​our heart​
​ So on Valentine's Day we're reminded​
​care.​for Christian Love​

​some famous biblical ​

​It is no ​Valentine's Day every ​Whether they do ​We should care ​Jesus said "love everyone;"​

​But Christian love ​

​deep affections.​describes real love.​
​Valentine poetry focus ​I'll yield to ​
​My adoration to ​How can I ​
​How can I ​On this special ​

​card verse.​
​meaning than other ​serve you.​
​On Valentine's Day,​couldn't relate to ​

​from the gospels,​message​
​with the positive ​poems please see our​
​You are often ​And encourage everyone.​easy to love;​
​Our Lord says ​In My Thoughts​

Poems For Church

​of your Christian ​gave everything.​
​Lord and King;​
​And love our ​He gave us ​freely give​
​the hours.​us​

​church applications. This Christian Valentine ​

​poems support your ​and sisters​Valentine poem does.​speak of the ​become a Christian,​Christian? What is Christian ​Christian Valentine's Day.​Never from our ​for pursuing the ​

​From God in ​

​We'll never run ​
​neighbor as ourselves​Lord with all ​
​share.​we love we ​Valentine's Day Is ​
​poem refers to ​By Joanna Fuchs​
​we meet.​in life,​
​hold most dear;​sweet confections.​
​We express our ​
​poetry for Valentine's Day that ​wishes using religious ​
​wants most;​I give Him,​a red heart, with lace?​
​And follow Him, come what may?​
​give to Jesus​a Christian greeting ​
​often have deeper ​lift you up, encourage you and ​
​the Lord.​saved,​This Christian Valentine ​
​love I learned ​This Christian Valentine ​

​poem credits Jesus ​

​Before using our ​want to say:​every life,​Some people are ​called to do;​You Are Often ​

​fits a variety ​

​Is that He ​Let's thank our ​
​friends and enemies​I could live.​
​So He could ​To while away ​
​of love to ​in cards, e-cards or for ​
​demand. These religious Valentine ​my Christian brothers ​
​to each other, as this religious ​
​commands regarding love. Christian Valentine's Day poems ​out how to ​
​What is a ​
​To a happy ​all your heart;​
​verse has instructions ​

​love by the ​

Christian Valentine Love Poems

​To love our ​To love the ​We send, our love to ​

​To show those ​

​from the Bible.​to the Bible. This Christian Valentine ​
​twice as sweet.​To love everyone ​
​Everyone we meet ​For Christians, it is every ​
​The ones we ​Get cards and ​

​love;​poem is Christian ​
​Christian greeting card ​Him what He ​
​ What Valentine can ​Should I send ​
​tell Him I'll love Him,​

​What can I ​
​answers a question. It could be ​Religious Valentine's Day poems ​
​want to​my life to ​
​before I was ​

​His actions, His example.​

​Jesus,​Love from Jesus​This Christian Valentine ​By Joanna Fuchs​So I sincerely ​They light up ​neighbor, too."​That Christians are ​greeting card message.​Valentine poem that ​give​give our Valentines,​To love our ​

​So you and ​man,​

​It wasn't candy, or a book​
​God's Valentine gift ​Valentine's Day poems ​are in great ​
​I think of ​commanded to show ​
​based on biblical ​
​answers and find ​
​Christian religion? What is Christianity?​
​virtuous way​Honor Jesus with ​
​This Christian Valentine ​will come to ​this Christian Valentine ​
​So let's live our ​
​mind and soul.​first Christian goal:​tender sentiments​
​for honoring love;​Valentine poem straight ​
​Valentine verse refers ​Will make life ​Let's follow Jesus' good command​
​serve​very clear.​for​
​important to us​On Valentines Day, we show our ​
​self. This Christian Valentine ​By Joanna Fuchs​
​I'll give to ​
​For his sacrifice, love and grace?​Him?​How can I ​

​I Give Him?​

​in free verse ​By Joanna Fuchs​love you and ​before I gave ​

​didn't have​

​I got from ​and serve others.​Poems page, plus​
​Happy Valentine's Day!​that group,​
​rays of sun;​And love your ​

​command​acquaintances. It's a Christian ​
​Here's a Christian ​have love to ​So as we ​
​Instruction, good and true--​for us,​
​to become a ​bunch of flowers;​

​God's Valentine Gift​love of Christ. Use these inspirational ​
​Christian Valentine poems ​hoping to help,​On Valentine's Day,​

​love Christians are ​

​poetry should be ​To see the ​

​Curious about the ​
​Then you'll know the ​Honor Jesus​
​By Joanna Fuchs​For infinite love ​If we give ​
​told to do,​
​And all our ​Of our very ​Red hearts with ​
​Valentine's Day is ​passages. It's a religious ​
​surprise that religious ​day​
​or don't deserve.​and love and ​
​He made that ​is not just ​
​Those who are ​Twice As Sweet​
​on the spiritual ​Him my heart.​impart?​
​thank Him enough​
​show I need ​

​Valentine's Day?​

​What Valentine Can ​greeting card poems. This Christian Valentine's Day poem ​Happy Valentine's Day!​

​know that I ​or understand​conveys love I ​
​found in His ​sends you love ​

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​changes that help ​This Christian Valentine ​in my thoughts;​
​You are in ​They are human ​

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​"Love your God,​Love is a ​

​friends, family and even ​By Joanna Fuchs​The reason we ​

​Savior, too.​

​sweet salvation, and​

​His sacrificial love ​

​His gift was ​

​Was not a ​poetry is new, original and unique. ​
​faith, and honor the ​