Horse Poems For Kids


A Horse Poem for #WorldPoetryDay March 21st, 2022

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Horse Poems For Kids

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​while my car ​He's silent in ​straight​His trust in ​her​trailer​life​His mommy always ​shine​His temperament so ​


​the grandkids.​cover to cover ​the wind​His mane pulled ​on a dime​every fear for ​He doesn't like the ​

​Her companion for ​

​her is great​His copper penny ​compostion​His muscles so ​ordered it for ​ I read Blaze ​He whispers in ​click and stumble​

​He can stop ​

​He overcomes his ​a challenge​always​His trust in ​coat​His definition and ​(by: A. Dinga age 15)​so much I ​Reviews​


​His four feet ​for her​for his mommy​and it was ​His friend for ​walk every line​

​His red smooth ​

​weak​He & Her​was being fixed. I loved it ​the night.​His tail left ​others slowly grows​He walks, trots and lopes ​He goes inside ​He first came ​


​His tiny feet ​sweet​
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