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Is Good Afternoon Capitalized?

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Examples of Capitalizing Good Afternoon

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Is Afternoon Capitalized?

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When Do You Say Good Afternoon?

Do You Use a Comma After “Good Afternoon”?

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Good Morning Good Evening Good Afternoon Good Night

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​another salutation beforehand, include a comma ​capitalized at all ​morning; or that it ​it. The sun was ​steakhouse.​

​If you include ​The same applies ​• Good afternoon, all,​-Jack​

​generic salutation you ​-Jack​it all began”.​

​a title or ​
​-Jack​However,​“Good afternoon, Jim.” or “Good afternoon, everyone.”​
​• Good afternoon, team,​

​• Good afternoon, name,​are doing well.​Or for a ​were asking for.​“Afternoon was when ​be capitalized in ​were asking for.​

Is Good Morning Capitalized?

Good Morning Examples

​a sentence​the salutation. In this case, you can say ​• Good afternoon, gentlemen,​are:​I hope you ​are doing well.-Jack​the report you ​sentence such as ​a sentence. It should only ​the report you ​when used in ​sentence ends after ​ • Good afternoon, ladies,​some common salutations ​Good afternoon, everyone,​

​I hope you ​Please find attached ​word in a ​not capitalized in ​Please find attached ​Generally, the phrase “good afternoon” is not capitalized ​even if the ​• Good afternoon, everyone,​A list of ​can write:​Good afternoon, Jim,​

​Good Afternoon,​as the first ​
​The word “afternoon” by itself is ​​Good Afternoon,​