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Best Sarcastic Quotes

​something stupid.​up to do. I realized that ​things I said ​like I'm doing nothing, but at the ​
​, ​

​old to learn ​lot of growing ​awful but accurate ​) It might look ​websites: ​
​C.) You’re never too ​

​) I have a ​) Sorry for the ​Unknown​Information obtained from ​go.​Unknown​Unknown​
​just gifted?​

​right words matter.​wherever they go. Others whenever they ​car.​closed mouths.​a profession, or are you ​
​opportunities when the ​

​B.) Some cause happiness ​makes you a ​minds came with ​) Tell me… Is being stupid ​and many more ​
​am right.​

​in a garage ​) If only closed ​A. Whitney Brown​
​say in person ​

Good Sarcastic Quotes

​fact that I ​more than standing ​Unknown​hate plants.​• For what to ​have changed, but not the ​a Christian any ​
​I didn't study for.​

​vegetarian because I ​party invitations.​A.) My opinions may ​doesn’t make you ​like a test ​
​I love animals; I am a ​

​• For scrapbooking and ​Unknown​
​) Going to church ​

​ ) My life feels ​a vegetarian because ​
​Can Help​

​back.​Unknown​Unknown​) I am not ​
​How The Poet ​

​stuff I hold ​the list.​home.​Unknown​help.​
​I say? Imagine all the ​

​you. But it’s still on ​so I went ​me.​
​and more. The Poet can ​

​by the things ​do is hurt ​a good day ​lucky to have ​graduate, Irish blessings, St. Patrick's Day wishes ​
​) You're deeply offended ​

​I want to ​me to have ​
​) You are so ​

​to a new ​Unknown​) The last thing ​) My boss told ​Groucho Marx​
​card, what to say ​

​cares. Not me. But, someone cares.​Unknown​Unknown​at another horse!​on a sympathy ​to know someone ​enough.​
​acceptance.​) Marry me, and I'll never look ​

Sarcastic Quotes About Relationships

​words, what to write ​) I want you ​into a bar… apparently, the bar wasn't set high ​up in your ​Unknown​
​birthday greetings, love messages, congratulation notes, get well soon ​

​Unknown​) A perfectionist walked ​self-esteem is tied ​
​your face. Just warning you.​

​Get ideas for ​them realizing it.​Stewart Francis​bit of my ​arc that will, in the process, have contact with ​

Sarcastic Congratulations

​insult idiots without ​freak? I haven’t decided yet.​you not one ​descend in an ​a loss for ​) Sarcasm: the ability to ​
​think I’m a control ​

​because I guarantee ​) See this hand? It's going to ​Never be at ​Unknown​) Does my wife ​
​hurting my feelings ​

​Forrest Tucker​Greeting Card Poet​don't understand.​Unknown​) Don't worry about ​
​to him.​

​Sarcastic Quotes, Sayings, Thoughts page.​don't care doesn't mean I ​can't even count.​Books​
​what it did ​

Sarcastic Quotes on Boyfriends and Girlfriends

​You're on the ​) Just because I ​
​in school I ​

​Believe in Sarcasm ​in spite of ​Minneapolis, Minnesota.​Unknown​
​so many times ​

​mug every day.​) He loves nature ​writer based in ​) Me? Sarcastic? Never?​) I failed math ​
​see your ugly ​

​Elbert Hubbard​Liz is a ​Unknown​

​there and don't want to ​an optimist.​By Liz Olson​) Zombies eat brains. You're safe.​things literally.​
​hell, but I work ​

​to live with ​the appropriate response.​Unknown​they always take ​to go to ​
​has been compelled ​

Sarcastic Quotes on Life

​to decide on ​embrace her mistakes. She hugged me.​kleptomaniacs is that ​) I'd tell you ​a man who ​the best position ​wife she should ​
​) The problem with ​

​Groucho Marx​) A pessimist is ​involved (usually). So, you'll be in ​) I told my ​

​exception.​Standard Booklets​situation, the context, and the parties ​Unknown​way I do.​to make an ​
​for their taste.​

​judge. You'll know the ​closed mouths.​to golf the ​case, I'll be glad ​little too crazy ​
​You be the ​

​minds came with ​lot of balls ​
​a face, but in your ​

​jealous. You're just a ​
​before it starts.​

​) If only closed ​) It takes a ​
​) I never forget ​

​should get all ​• Walk away. End the argument ​Unknown​Unknown​Mark Twain​
​to me doesn't mean you ​

​the process.​ego, I'm busy.​dyslexic.​more pliable.​voices only talk ​
​a friend in ​

​ ) Feed your own ​you melons, you might be ​) Facts are stubborn, but statistics are ​
​) Just because the ​

​the humor. You might win ​Unknown​) When life gives ​Sir Winston Churchill​PewDiePie​• Smile and acknowledge ​
​in my business.​

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Sarcastic Congratulations

​Rodney Dangerfield​eat him last.​face.​fire.​
​nose. I found it ​

​for 20 years. Then, we met.​a crocodile, hoping it will ​problem is your ​big, don't feed the ​) I'm returning your ​
​I were happy ​

​one who feeds ​problem if the ​didn't go over ​

​) My wife and ​) An appeaser is ​) You can't face the ​• Ignore it. If the humor ​of pitch blackness?​

​Sam Kinison​Unknown​while understanding them.​
​a little ray ​

​your feet.​for two years.​originally planned to.​life and laugh ​
​) Well, aren't you just ​

​Watchers, you're just finding ​terrorism. I was married ​more than I ​the difficulties of ​Unknown​weeks of Weight ​
​) I don't worry about ​

Sarcastic Love And Hate Quotes

​) I love you ​you to understand ​
​problems, everybody else does.​

​) The first few ​Unknown​George Carlin​life will help ​
​) Laugh at your ​

​Unknown​aim low.​fire.​
​different ways. For instance, the quotes on ​

​Unknown​hide the bodies.​whatever you want; however, in your case, you should probably ​back, set them on ​
​you in many ​

​couple of payments.​of places to ​) You can be ​someone, set them free. If they come ​quotes can help ​you’re alive, try missing a ​
​off! I’m running out ​

​Drew Carrey​ ) If you love ​All these sarcastic ​nobody cares if ​
​) Don’t piss me ​

​at the bar.​Standard Booklets​you wanted.​) If you think ​Unknown​
​group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet ​

​much without you.​you didn’t get what ​Unknown​

​so? There's a support ​can do so ​you get when ​wrong.​today a special ​job? Why didn't you say ​alone… I realized I ​
​E.) Experience is what ​

​with you we’d both be ​stupid or is ​) Oh, you hate your ​when I was ​once.​) If I agreed ​
​) Are you always ​

​Unknown​leaving my side ​to only make ​inside my fort.​

​busy.​) Thank you for ​too much fun ​
​the other day ​

​about you.​cellular level, I'm really quite ​can provide: your absence.​
​D.) Some mistakes are ​

​imagine you with ​enemies, but he is ​the best when ​tell.​fire. But whether it ​) I feel so ​
​drunk, Miss, but in the ​

Sarcastic Congratulations

​right to be ​power of conversation ​puppies?​aim low.​
​fierce desire to ​

​) I think I’m a love ​nations behave wisely ​people who can't cope with ​
​a roller coaster, and I'm about to ​

​succeeds in changing ​person, there's a lot ​the people by ​left to live, I'd spend it ​
​questions your wife ​

Funny Sarcastic Quotes

​Henny Youngman​IQ.​Standard Booklets​) If it looks ​) Love when you're ready, not when you're lonely.​speak.​Alfred Hitchcock​
​on television can ​

​had seen the ​the other room ​Cecilia Egan​) Marriage is a ​so good at ​
​) Marriage has no ​

​who has an ​wonderful institution, but who wants ​Joey Adams​Ralphie May​
​) As a man ​

​to change the ​left me and ​the same thing.​Groucho Marx​

​Books​had, you would get ​

​Lawrence Ferlinghetti​you that mine ​desperate!​
​lose them in ​

​about the universe.​the air. Do not breathe.​James Holt McGavran​) There's a way ​mind to have ​
​know everything.​

​crack a joke… Tickle the other ​rat.​Unknown​
​I was trying ​

​happy to do ​you?​what only you ​) WAIT…I'm trying to ​
​) He has no ​

​are closed, but you look ​your house, you can never ​) Love is a ​Sir Winston Churchill​) I may be ​
​) Everyone has the ​

Heavy Sarcasm

​she lacks the ​one of the ​whatever you want; however, in your case, you should probably ​
​look at you, I get a ​

​Abba Eban​that men and ​a crutch for ​
​) Life is like ​

​a woman really ​) Behind every successful ​the bludgeoning of ​just one hour ​
​lot of expensive ​

​go, she shops.​jump to your ​
​wrong impression.​

​Steven Wright​Unknown​bright until they ​give you some.​) Seeing a murder ​
​) I thought I ​

​set, I go into ​chapter.​Unknown​) My girlfriend is ​Unknown​) Why would someone ​
​) Marriage is a ​anyway.​

​be happy.​Unknown​) If you want ​my wives. The first one ​all angry about ​divorce.​rest of your ​Believe in Sarcasm ​
​thought you ever ​

Short Sarcastic Quotes

​notices with great ​fall out.​in mathematics; I can assure ​lucky, and I'm not that ​Post Office can ​
​human stupidity; and I'm not sure ​

Sarcastic Congratulations

​) Love is in ​banking. It's called marriage.​Voltaire​
​of the human ​

​young enough to ​do after you ​if you win, you're still a ​
​I cared.​

​you were talking ​laugh at yourself, I would be ​me hotter than ​) Sometimes I need ​
​Oscar Wilde​

​Standard Booklets​when your eyes ​or burn down ​Stephen Bishop​
​still be ugly.​

​Unknown​George Bernard Shaw​her is that ​become a mother, can I have ​
​) You can be ​

​) Every time I ​alternatives.​) History teaches us ​) Reality is just ​
​Natalie Wood​

​) The only time ​Oscar Wilde​) Democracy means simply ​
​ ) If I had ​

​asks you a ​hands. If I let ​your ego and ​
​give off the ​

​isn't for you.​me. Accidents, however, will happen.​some people appear ​haven't any antagonisms, the commercials will ​

​Groucho Marx​turns on the ​in the first ​yet.​
​Erma Bombeck​

​he is 29?​Groucho Marx​Unknown​it to her, or she'll take it ​
​right, or you can ​

​the TV Channel.​Patrick Murray​luck with both ​
​your friends are ​

​chief cause of ​annoy for the ​ever.​
​down every single ​

​read some obituary ​) If you're too open-minded, your brains will ​about your difficulties ​) You're not that ​early so the ​
​infinite: the universe and ​

​Golda Meir​faster than electronic ​virtue.​of the superstitions ​) I am not ​more thing to ​is that even ​
​got the idea ​

​) I'm sorry while ​it hard to ​cooler than me, does that make ​Unknown​his friends.​

​closed.​) You look good ​warm your heart ​
​having you here.​

​sober, and you will ​privilege.​power of speech.​) The trouble with ​
​) If you ever ​

​Oscar Levant​Unknown​
​exhausted all other ​

​Robin Williams​Unknown​when he's a baby.​

​the people.​Unknown​Joey Adams​
​a fellow who ​

Sarcastic Congratulations

​) We always hold ​to kill myself, I would climb ​
​a damn, please tell me. I don't want to ​

Really Funny Sarcastic Quotes

​) If at first, you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely ​) Revenge is beneath ​than sound. This is why ​
​one's antagonisms. And if you ​

​you.​book.​very educational. Every time somebody ​
​the heroine dies ​

​seek. I haven't found her ​
​a car battery.​

​of 75 years, get married when ​
​an institution?​

​girlfriends, rest 19% have a brain.​and take. You'd better give ​choice: you can be ​
​you're single. Once you're married, you can't even change ​

​didn't.​ ) I've had bad ​when you and ​
​) Marriage is the ​

​you want to ​the shortest story ​) If you wrote ​
​killed anyone, but I have ​

​Albert Einstein​) Do not worry ​Johnny Carson​) Mail your packages ​) Two things are ​

What is Sarcasm?

​that is even ​could be a ​) It is one ​Unknown​

​) You know there's just one ​the rat race ​the hell you ​

​Groucho Marx​) If you find ​) If you are ​

​Ashleigh Brilliant​a personality.​intensely disliked by ​my eyes are ​

​Joan Crawford​is going to ​miserable without you; it's almost like ​morning, I will be ​

How To Use These Sarcastic Quotes

​stupid. But you're abusing the ​but not the ​Charlie Pierce​Unknown​be lonesome.​triangle. I love myself. Myself loves me. Me loves I.​once they have ​drugs.​throw up.​

How to Respond to Sarcasm

​a man is ​of unsuccessful years.​the people for ​in Math class…it never ends.​

​asks for nothing.​) A psychiatrist is ​Unknown​) If I wanted ​

​like I give ​Unknown​

​Steven Wright​) Light travels faster ​help work off ​pinnacle of stupid. Then I met ​and read a ​) I find television ​romance in which ​

​playing hide and ​

​guarantees. If that's what you're looking for, go live with ​average life expectancy ​to live in ​


​) 81% of boys have ​) Marriage is give ​

​in a relationship, you have a ​

​world, do it while ​the second one ​Unknown​

​) True bonding is ​Unknown​) Marry someone who ​an award for ​Clarence Darrow​) I have never ​are all greater.​Unknown​time for Christmas.​

​Albert Einstein​Unknown​

​) Don't be humble… you're not that ​of transferring funds ​

​imagined that virginity ​Oscar Wilde​person!​Lily Tomlin​) The trouble with ​

​to figure where ​it for you.​