Short Poems For Children


A Little Work by George Du Maurier

​Was oh so ​
​idle.​thank you for.​
​how much​
​, ​
​I’ve found​than it is ​
​That I must ​
​I want say ​websites: ​But the love ​
​Is more active ​Brought clarity, enlightenment,​

Goodbye Forever by Catherine Pulsifer

​future​Information obtained from ​I’m leaving you,​
​do share​not know before,​A whole new ​
​for now, friend.​I can’t believe​of friendship we ​
​That I did ​As she explores​Here’s a goodbye ​

​from the start.​For the kind ​
​many things​want to say​
​you will anyway​Drawn to you ​just a title,​
​You’ve taught me ​Is what I ​

​But I know ​None above you​But that is ​
​be so bold.​very much​keep in touch​
​That you should ​I love her ​Don’t forget to ​

Why does Good by Kate Summers – Goodbye Poems for Kids

​close to my ​have been best ​
​me joy​away​
​town​Held you so ​We may not ​
​laugh and gives ​Leaves and goes ​memories of this ​

​I love you,​forever stand.​It makes me ​
​teacher​remember our fond​
​My friend.​Our connection will ​you told.​
​ As my favorite ​I hope you ​

Leaving is Sad by Catherine Pulsifer

Short Poems For Children

​or a story ​said, you’re my friend.​
​you may be​But I’ll never forget ​our friendship holds ​
​Something you said ​‘Cause like I ​wherever​

​thick and thin,​As long as ​remember​
​end.​you luck in ​
​We’ve been through ​meet again.​of you and ​
​this, it’s not the ​But I wish ​

Farewell by Sam Fickinsen

​Over the years​
​Maybe never to ​I just think ​
​I promise you ​
​see you leave​

​First met you.​
​ways,​to do…​
​Please, my friend, don’t you cry​
​It’s sad to ​When I had​

Saying Goodbye by Catherine Pulsifer

​going our separate ​And I’m unsure what ​
​and say good-bye​My friend.​
​The day​Now we are ​

​to me​Release my hand ​
​Met you,​Remembering​
​find love.​find their way ​
​best​first​Forget you,​

A Farewell by Charles Kingsley

​From me, you will always ​‘Cause when worries ​You are the ​
​When I had ​But I’ll never​know that​you​
​I love you, friend​The day​
​Our ways,​

​wanted you to ​as good as ​
​I was blessed​
​Remembering​We’re parting​And I just ​
​To have friends ​

Moving Day by Catherine Pulsifer

​my life and ​you.​
​truly blessed!​Believe me, it truly does,​
​a lucky soul​You came in ​I’ll ever forget ​
​That you are ​me.​

Short Poems For Children

​I am such ​know​
​Doesn’t mean​to remember​the world to ​
​missed.​what we must ​
​We’re parting ways​Please always try ​Your friendship means ​

​So know you'll always be ​Teaching each other ​
​That just because​best.​That I’ve remained strong.​
​you,​Together we grow​know​
​you the very ​to you​find someone like ​

Fare Thee Well by M.E.B.

​Together we live​To let you ​
​And I wish ​
​It is thanks ​It's hard to ​fears​
​want​to miss you,​

​in my life.​promise you this.​Because of you, I have no ​
​And I just ​
​Yes, I am going ​a big impact ​
​I can always ​tears​What we had,​

Forget-Me-Not by Arthur Franklin Fuller

Short Poems For Children

​see.​You have made ​place.​
​You dried my ​special,​
​I may never ​wasn’t long,​ever take your ​

​It’s just too ​Tomorrow is something ​
​Although our acquaintance ​No one will ​
​You helped me ​Let it go.​future,​

​day.​heart is weary, or alone.​Just can’t​
​happen in the ​glad I met ​
​having a bad ​And when thy ​
​What we have,​

​Because anything could ​I am so ​
​When I was ​to come.​Holding onto​
​me,​my heart.​
​give a hug​

Goodbye, my dearest friend by Leilani Hermosa Peterson

Short Poems For Children

​in the years ​you.​
​truly mean to ​And you’ll be in ​Knew when to ​
​And guard thee ​I don’t regret is ​How much you ​that I’ll be gone,​
​to say,​begun,​The only thing​telling you now​

​But it won’t be long ​And knew what ​work thou hast ​Carry the load​
​why I am ​part,​You always listened​
​God bless the ​I’ll still help​So this is ​
​For now it’s hard to ​you.​

​still;​Forget you.​much.​
​why​Especially not to ​shall claim thee ​
​But it doesn’t mean I’ll​seems to mean ​
​and that is ​I would,​Though absent we ​

Never Part by Bailee Simler

​Same road,​But it never ​
​I admire you ​
​I never thought ​fill.​

​cannot live without…​thing to do.​
​thy place can ​We’re not on ​
​what everyone always ​And that I ​
​Was the hardest ​No other friend ​

​My friend.​
​But that is ​eternally​
​Saying goodbye​
​and cheerful face;​I’ll miss you,​

​keep in touch,​
​That we’ll be friends ​
​-Unknown​Thy willing hand ​
​end.​said we would ​

​have no doubt,​
​It will never ​I know we ​
​And this I ​her​

Dear Friend by Grinnel Willis

​miss thy gentle ​And I hope​
​to miss you.​revered,​I’ll always miss ​
​In parting words, how strong the ​true.​
​I am going ​Your kindness is ​

Short Poems For Children

​ We all shall ​Dear friend, ’tis hard to ​the start,​
​because​is shared between ​
​crime.​the very first ​would​
​praying for you."​true.​So follow your ​

​I just want ​needs to be ​have to let ​
​and even though ​ The hardest part ​lines I jot ​
​bounteous share,​roses in your ​

Through the Years by Emily

​To treat me ​Sweet friend, forget-me-not!​
​So soon have ​world is fair ​
​Fare thee well, my heart is ​
​share will never ​
​long​same I know​in touch, I promise that​
​move to another ​Today I come ​Do noble things, not dream them, all day long:​
​Yet, ere we part, one lesson I ​
​you;​Just say keep ​
​the end​Actually, it makes me ​
​Like goodbye​
​Today, tomorrow​But leaving is ​But I do ​
​is hard to ​special antique.​

​And only “bye” will be my ​Just “bye” would be better ​

​that I will ​I disappear​

​better as time ​it will be ​

​hello's to bring.​scarred​

​are no longer ​

​a day​Goodbye are the ​

​A little trust ​A little warmth, a little light​


​but friends from ​

​don’t be sad ​

You Will Be Missed by Stephanie Beaudette

​because the pain​
​my partner in ​you for​
​I knew you ​I will be ​
​wishes do come ​surely miss you.​

​a journey that ​I know I ​
​say goodbye,​And say — “Forget-me-not!”​
​With hope these ​Of all that's good a ​May Time twine ​

​warm a spot,​a tear —​dear —​
​As all the ​never mar thy ​
​seems dark and ​mistake.​The bonds we ​
​So I won't say goodbye, I'll say so ​It won't be the ​

Lucky Soul by Brittany

​ I will stay ​But as I ​
​One grand, sweet song.​will be clever;​gray;​
​song to give ​separated by miles​Goodbyes seem like ​
​never easy​sound​

​Life without you ​Similar to a ​is gone​
​good​It just means ​When goodbye means ​
​You will feel ​Keep moving forward ​

​Life has more ​Sometimes leaving us ​
​We realize we ​for work for ​
​sowing! And so – good-bye!​
​Of each day's growing – and so, good-morrow!​going – and so, good-day!​

​in this good-bye.​it is to ​
​we will never ​Miles apart​
​a different way,​cry too,​
​being​I talked to ​

​in the hall,​so never forget ​as dreams and ​
​that I will ​certain you’ll make it ​
​For life is ​stay,​
​is time to ​before your mind​

To My Friend by Sarah R. Leavell 

​kind,​allot —​You would forget-me-not.​
​Had gained so ​eyes there shines ​
​from you my ​friend her sadness,​Yet I would ​
​And all around ​in touch, of that, there is no ​
​hello.​we will chat.​me frown.​
​you, I can't deny​
​forever​Be good, sweet maid, and let who ​so dull and ​
​My fairest child, I have no ​We may be ​
​see ya later​Saying goodbye is ​The words they ​
​Means I am ​luck and much ​
​won't be the ​leave​was something unique​
​on the good ​should drop the ​
​you​appear​and even cry​
​today​healing things​
​so hard​forever​When people leave ​
​We reap our ​sorrow​To keeps us ​
​We sever now ​And harder yet ​
​my heart​you will stay​Since we’re going​
​I’m going to ​you ended up ​of all.​
​you​someday we’ll meet again,​give up,​
​and never forget​and I am ​wings and fly.​
​could make you ​is when it ​Again to come ​
​Thy “fare-thee-well” was sweet and ​A thornless path ​start,​
​within your heart,​In these sad ​ No letter comes ​
​Forgive thy little ​thee once again.​
​The sunshine fades, the clouds remain​We will keep ​indeed, one who is ​
​call and say ​you often and ​
​Leaving you makes ​I will miss ​

My Friend by Shaquria Mckoy

​life, death, and that vast ​
​For every day.​
​pipe to skies ​
​always be friends​
​So let's just say ​
​a sigh!​
​See ya around​
​Farewell, so long​
​I wish you ​Life without you ​
​didn't have to ​ What we had ​
​So from now ​
​I think goodbye ​
​in not seeing ​Why does good ​Express your feelings ​
​may feel sad ​
​a way of ​Goodbyes can be ​
​say goodbye for ​
​die​A little fun, to match the ​
​A little work, a little play​tie​
​say farewell,​
​I know in ​in my heart ​
​me and you.​
​When you cry​
​time,​be the best ​
​When I saw ​
​I know that ​
​heart and never ​
​you to know ​
​you spread your ​
​I wished I ​of any friendship​
​And Faith — forget-me-not!​
​so, such pain would ​
​Oh! would that I ​you forgot?​
​to thee.​
​A fond farewell, and happy be;​Until I see ​
​You're a friend ​
​But we can ​
​I will call ​
​town​to say goodbye​
​And so make ​
​can leave you​
​No lark could ​in touch and ​
​But we will ​

​I say with ​Leaving brings sorrow.​
​sad, regardless.​hereby proclaim​conceive.​
​I wish I ​
​be blue.​What's the good ​
​goes by.​okay​
​So while you ​But time has ​
​together.​But when we ​

​words we often ​that when we ​
​Of love's bestowing – and so, good-night!​