Assalamualaikum Good Morning


​the corner please… ¡ Next, the boy in ​That’s my presentation ​<

​we start, let me introduce ​a guide to ​

​, ​Ok, the girl in ​

​1 st presenter ​Introduction 2 Before ​pupils indeed. He is , in face, a friend, a philosopher and ​, ​name ¡​¡ Nokia/ it is…. ¡ …… ¡​to present about…. ¡​teaching attracts the ​

​websites: ​¡ Please mention your ​

​to discuss about…. e. g. Nokia mobile phone ​like to present…. ¡ Now, we are going ​and charmed. His mode of ​

​Information obtained from ​raise your hand ​products …. . ¡ Today, I would like ​present about…. ¡ Well, today we would ​

​the students pleased ​¡ Good morning/ W 3 ¡​a question please ​
​chart and the ​

​Introduction 1 Today, we want to ​mild behaviour makes ​your great attention ​time for QA. ¡ If you have ​two points, they are the ​and answer ¡​with the students. His simplicity and ​

​presentation ¡ Thank you for ​our presentation. ¡ Now, it is the ​unilever company. ¡ I will explain ​sessions; explanation and question ​student. He behaves well ​Moderator = closing That’s all our ​moderator That was ​

​to talk about ​divided into two ​hidden inside each ​on? ¡​yours ¡ ¡ Response= thank you, presenter​Good morning L&G/ my friends ¡ Now, I would like ​

​have presentation ¡ Well, this presentation is ​discovers the treasure ​your question? / Can we go ​

​moderator ¡ Moderator, please/ the floor is ​1 st Presenter ​me/ our group to ​proves them clever. An ideal teacher ​

​was the answer. ¡ Does he answer ​floor back to ​yours ¡ l Response: Thank you, moderator/ Bella​

​the chance/ opportunity given to ​them confident and ​Moderator= Checking the questioner’s understanding That ​presentation ¡ Next, I give the ​is my friend, Tom Cruise. ¡ Tom, please/ the floor is ​

​life? ¡ Thank you for ​awake. He also makes ​because ………………. . ¡ That’s my answer. ¡​That’s all my ​Moving turn Well, the first presenter ​are you today? / How is your ​

​and interesting. He keeps pupils ​company. In my perspective, it is indomie ​2 nd Presenter ​be presented ¡​Greeting 2 How ​

​students very easy ​product of indofood ​¡​presenter 1 ¡ Unit 2, the making will ​

​¡ Good afternoon. ¡ Good evening. ¡​lesson to his ​the most popular ​A and B ​

​be delivered by ​Greeting 1 Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb ¡ Good morning… my friends/ ladies and gentlemen ​ways. He makes the ​answer ihsan’s question about ​two points about ​

​delivered. ¡ Unit 1, the product will ​Moderator​student in various ​Answerer I will ​my friend’s presentation ¡ I will explain ​units to be ​Presentation​honest, sincere, punctual, diligent and active. He helps his ​¡​Hi my friends, ¡ Now, I will continue ​Well, L and G, ¡ We have 4 ​sincere teaching.​on the stage. He is thoroughly ​Ihsan’s questions. Tom please… ¡ RESPONSE ; thank you moderator ​2 nd presenter ​

​Telling the points ​his real and ​a good actor ​the question. ¡ My friend, Tom will answer ​

​nd presenter, my friend, Bella ¡ Bella, please! ¡ l Response = thank you tom​blue veil, she is…. ¡ And the last, she/ he is…. ¡​whole nation through ​

​his duties like ​

​Thank you for ​by the 2 ​green shirt, he is… ¡ And, the girl in ​noble professsion. He enlightens the ​stuation he performs ​black shirt, please ¡​will be delivered ​is… a… ¡ Next, she is…. ¡ Then, the student in ​a nation builder. However, teaching is a ​some extra qualities. In the classroom ​the first row. . ¡ And yes, the boy in ​¡ The next points ​my group. ¡ My name is…/ me my self ​the students. He is also ​charming personality. He should possess ​is he who ​school or a ​Allah Hafiz​our teachers? We all should ​help the students? How is he ​in future? How can he ​good teacher? How does he ​whole nation through ​the stuidents in ​His mode of ​He behaves well ​them confident and ​lesson to his ​in future?​honest, sincere, punctual, diligent, active and well ​stuation he performs ​students to him ​of perfection.​Note: The teacher also ​What is the ​the students. A Teacher Answer​of a teacher. write a paragraph.​able to- identify a teacher. identify the qualities ​can say “Assalamualaikum” or “Good morning” .​and to his ​of perfection. An ideal teacher ​students in a ​“A Good Teacher”​we do for ​nation? How can he ​

​become a teacher ​

​characteristics of a ​

​noble professsion. He enlightens the ​He can teach ​

​and charmed.​student.​He also makes ​He makes the ​a good teacher ​He is thoroughly ​some extra qualities. In the classroom ​attention of the ​‘ideal’ means a standard ​

​Punctual Sincere Active ​clip?​the questions to ​teacher. tell the behaviours ​

​completing this lesson, we will be ​welcome The teacher ​students to him ​any educational institution. The word ‘ideal’ means a standard ​he who teachs ​a paragraph on ​

​Slogan What should ​architecture of a ​honoured by all? Why Will you ​What is the ​Teaching is a ​pupils indeed.​the students pleased ​

​hidden inside each ​awake.​ways.​

​will you become ​on the stage.​He should possess ​can attract the ​good teacher. Honest The word ​Truthful, Eloquent, Ability, Character, Humour, Efficient & Responsible. Trustworthy, Exemplary, Accurate, Creative, Honest, Educated & Resourceful. Trustworthy, Excellent, Awesome, Creative, Humour, Energetic & Resourceful. Tolerant, Energetic, Awesome, Caring, Helper, Excellent, & Responsible.​from the video ​Teacher will ask ​of a good ​

​Learning outcomes After ​say “Assalamualaikum” or “Good morning” ."— Presentation transcript:​attention of the ​madrasha or in ​A teacher is ​Home Task Write ​

​in the classroom?​from the nation? Who is the ​classroom? Why is he ​sincere teaching​a guide.​and spontanteous the ​

​mild behaviour makes ​discovers the treasure ​and interesting. He keeps pupils ​students in various ​Individual work Why ​a good actor ​

​charming personality.​is he who ​qualities of a ​aTeacher?​do you learn ​the classroom.​teacher. tell the responsibilities ​

​Girls’ High School Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207 Mobile: Class: Nine Note: Teacher’s Identification.​Presentation on theme: "The teacher can ​can attract the ​college or a ​

​A good teacher ​respect our teachers.​present his lesson ​remove the darkness ​

​teach in the ​his real and ​face, as a friend, a philosopher and ​teaching is attractive ​with the students. His simplicity and ​proves them clever. An ideal teacher ​

​students very easy ​He/she helps his ​behaved.​his duties like ​

​and to his ​An ideal teacher ​can say the ​full meaning of ​

​Pair work What ​Where are they? They are in ​
​of a good ​​Md. Jahangir Alam Assist: Teacher (Englsih) Begum Nurjahan Memorial ​